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What more do you need to know than "MythicFox's LiveJournal?"

5 May 1981
Okay, I've finally decided to make this more of a proper biography... I'm gamer and a Furry fan from the middle of nowhere. I'm a writer, but neither successful enough to get anything published nor smart enough to stop banging my head against that wall.

Gaming-wise, I've retired the Hunter: The Vigil LARP I used to run called "The Woodburn Compact" and now on Fridays I'm alternating between two Pathfinder tabletop games (one home-brewed, one Adventure Path -- currently, Carrion Crown). Saturdays is a mixed genre NWoD LARP

I used to play Magic: The Gathering, but I've long since given it up as it just isn't the same game I got into way back in '94. My current card game of choice is Legend of the Five Rings, set in a fantasy take on feudal Japan. The game and the RPG both have a lot of depth to them, and they're definitely worth a look. I occasionally post L5R fanfics at this page here. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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I'm also an avid player of the MMORPG City of Heroes. My main server is Virtue, and my global is @mythicfox.

I'm also something of a walking advertisement for the Scott eVest, part of a line of clothing designed for gadget geeks. It has all manner of pockets for stashing things, and a setup that lets you take electronic devices, put them in seperate pockets, and wire them together. Also, you can do things like put an MP3 player in a pocket and run the earphone cord through the lining so it comes out at the collar, for instance.

I also have a Twitter account, which updates here.

I think that's about it for the moment. Enjoy the blog.

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