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I really need to do more of these more often

Sorry again for being so quiet lately. I've been doing a fair amount of running around this week.

Got a new washer and dryer last week, and today I've been putting a fair share of laundry through it... We just had some old ones that were extremely beat up and worn out, especially after my brother and I moved in and considerably upped the sheer amount of usage.

I haven't been able to make it out to the Book n Bean nearly enough in recent weeks, generally due to being busy with one thing or another.

Sean and I headed out to a couple of gaming stores on Tuesday (one of which in Pittsburgh), digging up stuff for a Constructed L5R tournament going on this Saturday in Butler. It's been a while since I've managed to make it up to a tourney... in fact, I don't think I've had a chance to play in any tournaments since before Lotus came out. Yikes. And I don't do Constructed tourneys very often because of the plain and simple fact that my deckbuilding skills utterly bite. Anyhow, we got some cards he needed, I dug out a bunch of cards I wasn't using, and I helped him build a Dragon Enlightenment deck.

We haven't been able to play Exalted for a couple of weeks due to the holiday break briefly seperating the group. We're a little worried about getting back into the groove of it, since Dusten's been kinda burned out. After he's done with the current story arc, we'll move to something else for a while.

The Fae of Morgantown started with gathering in the Freehold, trying to figure out how to deal with Skinner. Most of them had heard what happened when they attempted to have the police go after the Dauntain. While all of this was going on, a Nocker in a big coat covered with little studs and batteries and small lights and giving off an electrical hum showed up and demanded to see Nicolai. The Changelings hanging out outside (Kage in particular) pointed him towards the Shadow Court Freehold for some reason, but someone was able to intercept him and aim him the right way before something happened.

The guy was Nicolai's Mentor, Dr. Thomas Westing. He introduced himself and insisted on having a word with Nicolai. I don't want to reveal anything about what they're discussing it, as while it isn't technically top-secret it is up to Nicolai to decide who needs to know what. At one point, he had Nicolai take him to a nearby hotel so he could have his own accomodations. During all this, Brin used Soothsay to try and track down Skinner. He got a vision of the Dauntain talking to two young men dressed identically in a hotel room (the same one that the mentor was staying in). They were able to figure out which hotel it was based on the stationary in the room and prepared to head out after Nicolai sent a couple of messages to Dr. Westing.

A series of explosions rocked the building, though, as Ed had decided to set the cars in the parking lot on fire. Everyone ran outside, and saw that one of the vehicles was a cop car. While they stood out in front of the building, trying to figure out what happened, a body crashed out through one of the windows with a noose around its neck. The body, that of a cop, came to the end of the rope with a sharp snap, and some of the Fae could clearly see the person who threw him out; a cloaked figure wearing a Black Dog Games Factory t-shirt. Those who'd met him before and got a good look at him clearly recognized the man they knew as the late Derek Grant, aka 'Draven, the Dark Magus' (aka 'The Dork Lord' to the folks in town).

Kraven the raven Pooka attempted to fly up to him while Brin tried to get the cop down in the hopes of some way of saving him. Ed, however, did the first thing he could think of and blew up the floor of the building. It was at this point that everyone decided to get the hell out of there. After all, they were already on their way to the hotel.

They got there, and one of the Sidhe managed to talk (read: seduce) the guy at the counter into giving up Dr. Skinner's room number. Then one of the others got a room right next door to him. They had the Sidhe come back down with Nick and a couple of the others, lured the counter guy into the baggage check room, and proceeded to steal his clothes. Wearing his uniform, the Sidhe went back out to the front desk and had one of their key cards recoded for Skinner's room. One of the Fae keeping an eye on things saw as Skinner actually headed down to the lobby

They put him back the way he was and had Nick use Chicanery to blank out his memory of the events before heading back up to their room. Using Portal Passage to make a hole in the wall, the key card to get into the room, and having Shard fly in through the window, they set up a three-way attack on his room. They burst in to find that only one of the younger men sitting on the bed with a laptop on his lap and the doctor's signature fireplace poker next to him. They all burst in, all three Sidhe activating Grandeur simultaneously. They beat (and shot) him into unconsciousness, restrained him and put him in the trunk of someone's car outside.

They quickly cleaned up the room to remove as much evidence as possible, and when the police came and talked to them they pretended to know nothing and threw a fit with the hotel about getting their rooms changed. Brin, Shard (after disposing of the fireplace poker at the bottom of the lake), Eylonwy, and Bartok took the Dauntain-in-training they'd captured back to Bartok's house for interrogation purposes. They used Sovereign to get out of him that he was a Dauntain, that Skinner was training himself and the other one... a lot of the basics. The best part, I think, was when they asked if they could get him to swear he would never harm another Fae if they let him go.

He replied that he'd keep on giving Fae the gift he was taught to give them... "To send each and every last one of you back where you came from."

At that point, Shard tried to kill him. Brin stopped him, and the two of them went back and forth until Shard activated Iron Arm (a Petros power that basically gives him a Might retest[1]) and Brin, just to give himself an edge, burned a level of his Influences to call upon Dance of Destiny[2]. The fight ended in something of a stalemate, after which Shard stormed off. Brin, figuring that he'd gotten all he could out of the Dauntain, killed him.

Someone (I can't quite recall whom, it might have been Brin or possibly Adalida) went over the laptop they'd recovered from Skinner's hotel room and found that they'd managed to install a small camera in Dr. Westing's room (which happened to be on the same floor).

Gabriella, after everything, went back to the Freehold, where she found that Ed had dragged in a body... a charred, horribly disfigured body wearing a cloak and Black Dog shirt, and carrying Draven's identification. Upon closer inspection, she was able to figure out that what they had on their hands was an unconscious vampire who may have been Draven.

Nicolai ran into his mentor on his way out of the hotel and got dragged along on a little side-mission, during which he got the phone call about the laptop.

Shard, after everything else happened, stormed back into the Freehold, took the Hearthstone (which was technically his), and returned to his anchor with it.

Left off on a heck of a cliffhanger, didn't it?

And that's it, for the moment. I'll catch you folks later.

[1]-- In Vampire LARP, Disciplines like Potence and Fortitude that don't have seperate number-based powers in tabletop are given specific abilities at each level. The second level of Potence is called 'Might,' and gives you a free retest on tests of Strength. Well, as a matter of simplification, almost every power that does pretty much the same thing in LARP is also labeled 'Might,' so it's become kind of a standard LARP convention that free Strength retests are called Might retests, and Petros 3 does this in LARP.
[2]-- A number of Arts are arranged differently in LARP. Specific Cantrips are rearranged, and re-ordered, and Cantrips that would naturally get stronger as the tabletop rating increases are generally boned in LARP since they don't run off of level numbers. But powers that would naturally increase are sometimes given an extra level or so to compensate... Legerdemain gets 'Rattle,' where you can slam someone around hard enough to beat the hell out of them, and Soothsay gets 'Dance of Destiny,' where for the rest of the scene you win on all ties and get a host of other little benefits. The way I generally describe it is that "for a single scene, you become the baddest motherfucker on the planet." But you have to give up something important permanently to activate the power.
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