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The fun just never stops...

Hm, some ups and downs this past weekend...

An up: I got my dad one of those "100 games in one" Nintendo clone things for Christmas, and it was missing a couple of vital parts. The store (a seasonal one) where I bought it closed up before I could get up there just after New Year's Day. I've been trying to track down the company that makes it and see if I can get any help there, and I finally found their website. I've asked about getting replacement parts, but I'm sure they're probably going to try to extort money from me in the process.

A down: I got my ass handed to me at an L5R tourney in Butler on Saturday.

Another down: Sean, Joel, and I think that our Exalted ST has taken off without warning. We've called him a couple of times, but none of us has actually heard from him since just before Christmas. He was complaining of burn-out from running Exalted for so long, and we were planning to have Sean take over running the game after the current story was finished. Before we took time off for Christmas Break (since Joel would be out of town), we couldn't find him on game day and when we did track him down he said he'd cancelled the game and was sure he'd told us (when he hadn't, as near as we could tell). Joel's put forth the theory that it's possible that Dusten might have moved back to the southern part of the state and didn't think to tell anyone-- being a little jaded from gaming mishaps in Morgantown, we're not surprised.

And kind of a weird note... recently, Sean picked up the first DVD set of Ren and Stimpy and we spent some time watching it, and we had one of those moments when you watch something you liked as a kid and realize just how dark it is when you think about it.

Specifically, it was the episode "Stimpy's Invention," the episode about the Happy Helmet. We had one of those moments where we sat back and watched the episode and 'realized' just what was going on... after Ren gets upset with Stimpy over his inventions, Stimpy builds the Happy Helmet for him to make him feel better. The device makes the wearer happy, and Stimpy has a remote to control it. So he slaps this device on Ren, taking away his free will and forcing him to be bright and cheerful and allowing him to be summoned with the push of a button. It also gives Ren a compulsion to do Stimpy's house chores and stuff like that. It's obviously driving Ren nuts, and eventually it gets so bad that during a moment of quasi-lucidity, Ren takes a hammer and starts bashing the helmet with it until it falls off.

If you think about that, that's pretty screwed up, even by R&S standards.
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