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Still here and still alive

Still in the process of getting signed up for the new semester up at FSU, albeit mostly at the last minute. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a pretty crappy student... Ran into my cousin Shy during a brief stint up at the campus on Tuesday, though. I haven't seen her in almost 4 years, at the funeral of my grandmother Maxine. We only talked for a second or two. It was weird.

In unrelated news, writing continues at the Book n Bean, although I really don't have anything substantial enough to share with anyone at this point other than what you've already seen. I'm trying to get one thing done at a time and not just work on whatever I feel like.

For the none of you besides me who's an L5R fan, I've got a snippet of a conversation on AIM from earlier...

MythicFox: Oh, switching topics back for a moment, I meant to tell you... nothing fabulous and Tainty in the packs I found except for a copy of Lessons of Pain.
NCtPtI:[0] I'm not familiar with that one.
MythicFox: It's an Action from Web of Lies.
NCtPtI: That's screwed up.
MythicFox: Which part?
NCtPtI: With Obsidian Halls of the Lost, this one reads 'Bow a personality you control: Target a card you don't like. Destroy it.'
MythicFox: Heh. And the problem is? ;-)
NCtPtI: No wonder there are so many cards like 'Destroy all Shadowlands cards in play. Rub salt in the eyes of those cards' owner. Crucify his pets. Draw a card.'
NCtPtI: Granted, that particular card hasn't been legal in awhile.
NCtPtI: Alderac decided that killing pets was more in-flavor for Lion.
MythicFox: Heh, good one.
NCtPtI: *bows*
NCtPtI: *produces 3 gold*

Trust me, that's some funny shit if you're an L5R fan.

Oh, before I get into the LARP write-up, I just wanna point out that thanks to Amanda, Before the Dawn now has a proper website!

Also, a friend of mine showed me this from a couple of years back... Spellcasting 101: Don't Try This At Home. And then, of course, here's a little something for fans of the old Infocom text adventures.

First off, it was a Friday the 13th game. For those of you who don't know, Sean and I do a special test on Friday the 13th games... each Changeling character has to make a Banality test, difficulty of their Glamour, or they change Legacies for the night, representing the mortal belief in Friday the 13th weirdness affecting the Dreaming.

As they tend to do, the PC's gathered at Woodburn, talking among themselves and trying to work out what to do with Skinner. Shortly after game began, it came out that Ed had captured a vampire and dragged him into the Freehold. Wanting to deal with situations that were physically present and thus could be dealt with, they went inside.

Between the ID on the body and the clothing and everything, it seemed pretty much like the vampire they had was Draven. To see if it would wake him up, they gave him some Changeling blood. Normally, it would take more than Fae blood to wake Draven from torpor, but Sean and I had determined that there were... factors with Draven that made it viable.

They woke him up and basically start grilling him for information. There was some discussion of just killing him, especially when Shard showed up, but that was stymied when it was determined that Draven revealed that he knew Skinner. He said that killing the cop was part of a scare tactic, and that he'd been working with Skinner. He blamed the Fae (Azrael, Saenthriue, and Brin specifically) for his current state of being as a deformed, handless freak with a theoretically limitless lifespan. He also said that he'd 'learned' that they all were working for the Shadow Court, which they corrected them on.

He didn't know anything of Skinner's plans beyond the obvious, but they were able to get him to agree to give them a heads-up on any information he got.

On the way out, he got some of their contact information and gave them a heads-up that whomever had gotten him the photographs that started the whole mess had been specifically keeping an eye on Lucy.

Since Shard had gotten there, naturally the PC's needed to settle this whole thing. There was a lot of arguing back and forth with Adalida caught in the middle, and some discussion of one side plotting to kill the other (some of you know who). It was raining pretty badly by that point, so I'm pretty sure it didn't get settled.

The most interesting highlight of the whole thing was when Ed accidentally blurted out the fact that Brin's working for the Shadow Court to Adalida.

But I don't think things were fully settled by the time we went ahead and called game because it was raining so hard. Maybe if the Baroness shows up this coming week, something can be taken care of.

In the meantime, I've posted two IC bits just recently over at shbeforethedawn as follow-ups.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Later folks.

[0]-- Name Changed to Protect the Innocent
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