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Checking in briefly from FSU

Hey there, just checking email and stuff after getting in a good workout at the Falcon Center.

First off... Oh hell yes. Fox has greenlighted 4 straight-to-DVD Futurama movies!

In other news, my normal tabletop group has managed to recover from the relocation of our ST. We sat down and talked about it and now I'm running a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game for them set in a fictional West Virginia town called Devil's Bay[0]. I came up with an introductory adventure on the fly, and I've got the basics for a first 'season' worked out in my head, mostly from some story ideas I came up with a while ago.

And now, a question... for those of you who have run convention RPG sessions, how much of a pain in the neck is it? I'm considering running something at Origins this summer, but one thing I'm curious about is the sheer amount of hassle involved.

Anyhow, headed home to clean up before I hit the coffee house tonight.

[0]-- Devil's Bay is a town I invented years ago that I was going to set some novels in that I never got around to writing. I openly but not pridefully admit that I was just trying to rip off Stephen King by cooking up my own version of Castle Rock.
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