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Kinda late, but it's here

Y'know, nothing reminds you of how lucky we are to have consistent gaming companies like White Wolf more than looking over Eden Studios' release schedule. I was copying down errata for the Buffy game I'm running on Sundays, now, and noticed that the Welcome to Sunnydale supplement was originally supposed to be released in March or April of 2004. Then it was pushed back, and pushed back, and it was supposed to be released alongside the Revised Core Rulebook as sort of a seperate supplement for people who bought the original core book and just need an update. But then, the Investigator's Casebook for the Angel RPG has been on the release schedule for almost two years as well.

Been settling into the new school schedule a bit easier than expected. My advisor's apparently really upset that I didn't get all the classes I wanted, but I've emailed her explaining that it's my own damn fault and I know it and I'll just have to be on the ball for next semester. I mean, that's all I really can do at this point, right?

I've recently discovered that someone on the L5R forums, while putting together a fan-made set focused on the Minor Clans, used my forum persona as the basis for one of the cards. I don't really mind as such, but I openly admit I'm a little annoyed that the guy didn't ask me ahead of time or even think to let me know after the fact. The text where he justifies the card's abilities in the forum post, however, implies that there was a collaborative effort at work. I've sent him a message pointing out my annoyance at how he handled it, but I do think I'm more flattered than anything else in the end.

A lot of the early parts of the session involved getting the Baroness up to date on everything that had gone on... the revival of Draven, the abduction of the Freehold's Hearthstone, etc.

There was a lot of negotiation with the Inanimae and discussions with the assorted political camps in trying to settle this whole situation. During this, Ed drove off to get some supplies, and on the way back noticed that he was being tailed by the Dauntain. He used Pyros to make one of the tires on the pursuing vehicle burst and came back.

Eventually there was a big where Baroness Gabriella made a huge scene complaining that apparently everyone was against her and in general a 'typical' Sidhe rant. Afterwards the Inanimae stormed out, a bunch of the other Kithain followed (presumably to negotiate with the Inanimae, but at the time Gabriella took it as a withdrawal of their support). Nick made a nasty comment and left in disgust and disappointment. Joshua, Brendan's Troll, took her aside to talk to her.

Afterwards, Gabriella took off for some alone time. While the rest regrouped and prepared to find her, she was approached by Draven, who seemed to be in just the right place at just the right time to have a chat with a Baroness who'd just hit a low point... I won't go into the details of their discussion as I'm sure most of you can guess one way or the other.

Draven disappeared back into the shadows when the others caught up with her while Kraven, who'd been watching the conversation, followed Draven back to the manhole cover through which he'd disappeared before (a detail about last week's game about which I'd forgotten). The Pooka tried poking around to find a way down into the sewers, when Skinner's trainee showed up out of nowhere and began shooting at him. Kraven, already having been in raven form, managed to get away.

Everyone else caught up to Gabriella after hearing the gunshots and got out of there. A short time later, the two Inanimae showed up where Gabriella had been, in front of the courthouse. They managed to spot the trainee, Quentin, a block away. He saw that he'd been spotted, and saluted to them with the gun he was carrying. Ed tried to fry him, but one of his badass Dauntain powers (which has now been labeled the "secret Banality retest") protected him from burnination. Kraven, flying overhead, used Portal Passage to open up the ground beneath Quentin but just succeeded in giving him an escape route through the sewers (yeah, I don't know what he was trying to accomplish either).

Everyone regrouped back at Woodburn, and Gabriella got over her Sidhe pride and worked out a deal with the Inanimae. At some point during the reactivation process, the Hearthstone was stolen by Kage to prove a point about security. So they put the thing back, restarted it, and they're working out ways to properly defend it.

If there was anything else, it's slipped my mind, and I apologize.

I dunno whether I'm going to do public updates on the Devil's Bay[0] game on here. I'll think about it. If anyone wants to hear them, I'll go ahead and discuss it. Otherwise, I might just put them under a filter.

Anyhow, that's it for the moment. I've got a new IC post over at shbeforethedawn, featuring more behind-the-scenes with Skinner, Quentin, and Draven. I think it's some pretty interesting reading, myself. The hardest part about my IC posts, though, is getting my NPC's right. I find that most of my dialogue sounds the same for all of my characters unless I make a concerted effort to make some of it stand out. With Draven and Skinner, I generally have to talk in the character's voices to maintain the 'rhythm' they have when actually speaking in game.

[0]-- Yes, I know it's been addressed before that West Virginia doesn't really have anyplace that might qualify as an actual bay. But the town is located on the Mon river (I still have to place it on a map, it might be just one of the small towns in between Fairmont and Morgantown), and I really need to dig out a map and place it. I openly admit that when I first came up with the concept of the little shipping center, I didn't do as much research into it as I probably should have. But as for the name... as I pointed out to someone over AIM, given that there's a town in WV called 'Hundred' simply because one of its residents lived to be 108, a town that takes advantage of the river being called a 'Bay' should not be out of the question.
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