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Busy, busy, busy...

If it's one thing you can count on, it's the useless ness of the student employees at the Falcon Center. I accidentally left my combinatio nlock on one of the lockers at the fitness center on Monday, and even though they were supposed to get rid of it it was still there when Josh and I went in to work out tonight.

But then, what do you expect? These are the same people who let me work out in jeans for a month before I found out that you're not supposed to wear jeans in the fitness center.

Either way it saved me from having to spend way too much on another lock (they were selling them for $6.48 before tax in the campus bookstore).

The Buffy game continues, although we had a bit of a snag, when one of our players couldn't make it (but given that his character had just had his nose broken, it makes sense that he might be out of school a day or two), and another left early to attend one of the assorted local LARPs. However, we got Greg into the group, so it's managed to balance out a bit. Now I just need to get around to calling everyone to make sure they're up for trying to play on Super Bowl Sunday...

I've gotten a bit of writing done, and unless you missed a previous post you'll know that I got a couple new chapters of my L5R fics posted.

I've been playing a fair bit of Soul Calibur III lately, and I'm just wondering... am I the only one who gets a bit annoyed at playing through Tales of Souls mode and having to go through that entire intro to the fight with Zasalamel every single frigging game, no matter who you're playing as?

And now, to balance that out... something cute and funny.

Also, in the mail, I recently got some stuff I bought from Ron Spencer via his eBay page... has anyone else here bought artwork off of him? If so, I gotta check... is it just me, or does he package his artwork like he's expecting it to have to pass through the fires of hell itself before it gets to you?

Oh, wait... that's right, US Postal Service. Close enough. But seriously... not that I mind the notion of getting things intact. But some of that packaging practically needs a chainsaw to open.

The first big attraction of the evening was the appearance of Draven, looking for Gabriella. He tracked her down and told her that he knew where Dr. Skinner was staying. He pointed out this shitty little motel on the edge of town where Skinner had been shacking up, and recommended to Gabriella that she send the others on ahead and not put herself in danger. While this went on, a bunch of the others went out to pick up some pumping equipment.

The Fae sent their three heaviest hitters... Joshua (Brendan's Troll), Shard, and Ed. Joshua and Ed took a cab, while Shard flew. After a mysterious bumping motion on the first cab caused Joshua and Ed to get out and try another, Shard got there first. He spotted Skinner's car out front, and decided to dive-bomb it, Glome-style... He landed right in the driver's seat, more or less, with such force (weighing half a ton, as Glomes do) to pretty much waste the car.

The other two arrived, and Shard kicked open the motel room door most obviously Skinner's... it was right in front of the car and was the only one there with a Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob. After Shard dodged the blast from the shotgun rigged to go off when the door was opened, they went inside. The only sign of a human presence was a small stack of index cards sitting on the bed. The top one said "Hello." The next one down: "5." Then after that? "4." Shard grabbed the other two and tried running at that point, realizing what was happening (the rest of the cards would count down to 1 and would then be followed by a smiley face).

The room exploded, and the three of them managed to make it out while still conscious. At this point, Gabriella got a panicked phone call from Draven, telling her to pull her people back because apparently the whole thing was a trap. A couple of doors down from the explosion, Skinner strolled out of another motel room, gun in hand, and tried to gun down the Fae. However, not having expected them to be in as good shape as they were (Skinner knows next to nothing about Inanimae, and certainly wouldn't know how to spot Petros 2 in action), Shard and Joshua overpowered and disabled him while Ed kept trying to burn him with little success.

Everyone else arrived, and threw him in the back of a vehicle before getting the hell out of there. They headed to Sunnyside, where they had a plan... they were going to try and pump out all of the old rancid blood that was filling up the well in the Freehold there.

While they were setting that up, Ed returned to Woodburn alone, more than a little upset that his mastery over fire hadn't been any help against Skinner. By a weird stroke of luck, he happened to come across Skinner's trainee, Quentin. Quentin had apparently been waiting to pick off stragglers after the tougher Kithain in town, but wasn't expecting everyone to leave for the motel. His ambush put on hold, he'd decided to do some gun maintenance and as part of the weird stroke of luck, Ed had seen Quentin before Quentin saw Ed. Ed managed to blast Quentin into unconsciousness with a single blast, thus redeeming himself in his own eyes as he loaded the Dauntain into his Anchor to keep there for the moment.

Back at the Sunnyside Freehold, they waited to see if the pump was going to do any good. While this was going on, they decided to interrogate Skinner with the help of Sovereign. They didn't get too much out of him that they didn't already know-- just a phone number for John Smith, whom Skinner was working for, and Skinner saying that Draven's been working for him this whole time... the choicest bits of the interrogation were when they started running out of good questions. Someone (I think Rhett) asked "What happened to make you like this, did your mommy abuse you?" It was obviously a rhetorical question, so they were surprised as all hell when Skinner responded with "No, it was Rath."

They were able to figure out that Skinner had been in Morgantown a couple of decades ago and was more or less driven nuts by Rath (Eylonwy, Heather's Sidhe, nearly suffered a similar fate as part of her backstory). He gave them some information on what Rath was like back then. After they got all they could out of him, they made sure he was restrained and set him aside... apparently they plan on taking him on a trip up to some new friends in Pittsburgh...

But we called game at about that point mostly because a) the story was more or less finished, and b) half of the players suddenly had to leave for some reason or another.

But the major threats were neutralized, and because of the particular manner of this, let's just say that certain... preparations were overlooked. Also, Sean's been posting a lot of in-character fiction revolving around John Smith in preparation for the story. I'm not going to deny, I welcomed wrapping up that plot so I can go back to playing a bit.

And that's about it for the moment. Later, folks.
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