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Well, there's a good night of work possibly wasted...

Well, dammit. I was feeling good on my way out to the Book n Bean. The weather was perfect for walking (mid-50's and clear on the way up, and 50 on the way back[0]), and the Christian Open Mic folks just played a movie up at the coffee house rather than do their usual weekly testimonials and such. So I was able to focus on getting some writing done. I'd had some inspiration to do something for the AnthroCon conbook for a while, and decided to start it.

Well, I got into a hell of a writing groove, and cranked out a short story (1900 words) in a couple of hours for the conbook. Then I got home and checked the guidelines for submission.

From AC's webpage: "Text submissions should be no more than one thousand words.[1] Stories or articles that are over length without prior authorization may be rejected without consideration."

Well, fuck.

I'll see if I can trim it down some, but I'm not entirely sure that's possible. Sure, the dialogue tends to be long-winded, but then it's mostly dialogue. Dammit, I should have checked the submission guidelines ahead of time.

Man, what a buzzkill...

[0]-- That's Fahrenheit. For those of you in Canada and the UK, it was a little under 13 degrees Celsius on the way up and 10 on the way back. Hey, as many cold days as we've had lately, that's pretty friggin' nice.
[1]-- Emphasis mine.
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