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Cameo appearance by me

Just checking in briefly from the college. My 6-9 class let out at 7 because the teacher was busy working on The Vagina Monologues and we had a sub. The substitute was a guy who teaches a class I tried to get into but couldn't because I waited so long. Now I feel even crappier about not having gotten into the class. But them's the breaks; I'll just have to do better when we start scheduling for the fall semester.

I'm just killing a little time before hitting the Book n Bean. Gonna try to whittle down the word count on that story and then as Kage suggested I'll go ahead and send it in. But not having seen much publication anywhere, I didn't want to assume that my being drastically over the recommended word count would be seen as acceptable... let's face it, some writers can get away with that sort of thing, and as I'm for the most part unknown I can't assume I'm one of them.

Also, it looks like the Wi-Fi card for my Palm has suddenly stopped working. I'm going to give customer support a call because Palm's email support is absolutely worthless. It's within a year of manufacture and the problem seems to be a problem with the card itself and not something I've done to it, so I should be able to get a replacement.

Also, I'm going to go ahead and get out what I can of the LARP write-up. I missed most of the session doing administrative stuff (which some of you should know about), and thus I only have a small picture of what happened.

A Sluagh Count from Point Marion showed up, being pushed in a wheelchair by an one-armed Troll. He warned the Fae of Morgantown that John Smith has been hitting all of the local courts (Pittsburgh, Point Marion, Fairmont, and Clarksburg, if I recall). The Kithain suspected that it may be because they still have Marcus Skinner held captive.

Shortly after the Count left, there was an attack by Smith himself. I don't know the details, but I do know that one of the Fae took a nasty blast from some of Smith's signature weapon-- cold iron buckshot and a sawed-off shotgun. While this was going on, some of the other Changelings followed Joshua back to the trailer park where he lived, and while he took care of something they decided to go get involved in a domestic dispute and messed with one of the rednecks there.

A little later, they tried to get Skinner to Pittsburgh and someplace where he could be interrogated for what he knows about Duke Rath. On the way, they noticed they were being followed by a white van. They pulled into a rest stop, and a second white van appeared and both blocked them in. There was a massive battle which led to some explosions and the sniping of Dr. Marcus Skinner. They were lauded in the news as heros for bravely surviving a 'terrorist attack,' which the police will probably assign to the recent 'harassment' of Skinner that's gone on since his original appearance during the Jensen Institute plot.

Beyond that, if something major happened, I must have missed it-- not much I can do about that. But at least this is out of the way.

Oh, also, a question to the Trinity fans here... lately I've been going over my books lately, and there's one thing I'm trying to find but having no luck doing so. Do any of the books reveal what story the Upeo Wa Macho gave the deep space colonists about why contact with Earth had been cut off?
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