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Writing this out up at the college while I wait for some sinus medication to kick in before I hit the gym.

Been pretty busy this week... I was thinking of saving this for a Friends-only post so as not to totally jinx it, but I figure what the hell...

I'm trying out for a writing job with Alderac Entertainment Group. Rich Wulf's recently left the company and Shawn Carman will also be leaving sometime in the future, and word got out that Alderac has been looking at new writers. Since word of the whole thing got out earlier than expected, the company's wound up making it something of a public audition. I'm preparing some materials to send them along with a resume and stuff like that, and with any luck I'll be a candidate. The main thing that I think might hurt me is my lack of published/contracted game writing experience, but then Rich wound up with a job on the Story Team because of some really great fanfic work. Among other things, I need to finish up a short fic and send it in by this Friday, which I'll probably be working on later tonight.

Also, I still need to get around to calling up Palm and bitching them out over my Wi-Fi card dying for no apparent reason.

Many of the Fae from last week had wound up in the hospital. A few pulled themselves out in order to meet with the rest, including a Satyr named Isolde (Amanda's new secondary character; I think I got the name right, I'll edit this later if I was wrong). For the first time in forever, I got to play Nick for more than three seconds. Half of his dialogue with Isolde, however, was something of a flirtatious and Joey Tribbiani-esque "How you doin'?" Trust me, it was funny if you were there.

We all had a point of Glamour stripped away by Duke Rath's new blasphemous ritual. While planning to go to Sunnyside and find out what he's up to, sniper shots came from a nearby roof, hitting Joshua. Nick, Isolde, and Blue's Sidhe Ascaroth all ducked behind an SUV in the parking lot. Someone up on the roof of Woodburn, though, tossed a packet of explosives onto the vehicle, detonating it. Ascaroth and Isolde were thrown against the wall of the building while Nick was tossed a good distance away. Nick went into Veiled Eyes and tried to get closer to see if there was something he could do (althoguh with his Glamour resources depleted, there was very little).

Some lunatic, obviously a Dauntain, leapt from the roof of the building and managed to land relatively intact. He started trying to gun down the Fae. Joshua got into the building through a ground-level window, followed by Bartok. Joshua came out another window and started trying to get the Fae who had been hurt and Incapacitated out of there. Kage took shots at the Dauntain from nearby with a crossbow and even managed to draw blood. Bartok got seperated from the others and the Dauntain was able to finish him off. Joshua managed to get Isolde and Ascaroth to the hospital while Nick used Chicanery to cloak Kage as well, and game wound up taking a massive pause when a couple of players decided to call it a night right then.

After a while, Joshua came back to Woodburn to see if anyone else was still around, and wound up meeting Tim, Aaron's new Troll (who was written up last session). Nick and Kage popped out of Veiled Eyes at the same time and gave them the rundown. While they were discussing what to do next, Nick got shot in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt smeared with something very unpleasant that I won't describe here. Needless to say, there will be an infection. Tied to the bolt was a note saying "See you next week."

After that, we discussed at least getting a look at what was going on in Sunnyside, and then parts of all of the cars in the parking lot fell out onto the ground. Griswold, a rather perverted Shadow Court Sluagh, showed up to give us some words of advice (and a bit of mystical healing). It was a whole thing about how we should try to keep out of the hospital because someone wants to put us all where we can't hide... the big news reports about the rest stop incident, hospital stays... someone wants us public. He also mentioned that Rath is up to something big, possibly some sort of gruesome ritual designed to not only prolong his life, but restore his youth. He warned Nick about trusting Kage (after all, Kage is formally a part of the Shadow Court), and warned Kage about trusting the Kithain, and made a few comments about Nick having to show strength at a time like this.

At that point, with everyone weakened, we decided to call it a night.

Okay, well, I'm gonna hit the gym in a second. Catch you all later.
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