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Gah, meant to post this last night

Just killing some time up at the college, working on a couple of things before heading back to my house to get into a paper I'm writing for English. Or at least get as much into it as I can before having to hit the grocery store for my grandmother later.

I had a dental appointment earlier, have to go back in for a filling in a couple of weeks. Y'know what's always driven me mildly nuts about those appointments? Something about them (maybe it's the latex gloves or maybe it's just having to hold my mouth open) always irritates my skin. I tend to have mild breakouts of seborrheic dermatitis, and for some reason dental appointments always cause them to flare up.

The idea behind the paper I'm writing is that I'm supposed to write about a contemporary work (text, music, movie, or whatever) that is a satire or parody and what makes it so. My initial subject idea was how Transmetropolitan portrays politics and politicians. However, I've come to realize that there just isn't enough room in the dreaded 5-paragraph format forced on us to do the subject justice. So I've decided to broaden it, and just touch briefly on how Transmet deals with society and modern culture as a whole. I'll probably work on it later if I hit the coffee house.

Oh, hey, check this out. Am I the only one that sees this article as proof that the first true AI's will be Zen monks who crash your programs by not-crashing them?

Also, looks like they're finally sweeping some of Michael Eisner's last crumbs of bullshit out the door. Disney's going back to hand-drawn animation. And read partway down the page... apparently China's banning movies where live-action and animated characters interact. Fuck the what?

Also, later, I've got some NPC-design to finish up for the Changeling game, as we finished a story arc last Friday and things are being turned back over to me. As a side-note, before I get into the LARP write-up, I feel a need to point out this post, where I make a major announcement about the current state of the Changeling game (something a few of you know about already).

The Fae of Morgantown, some of whom had just gotten out of the hospital, gathered at Woodburn. Mortimer, the Shadow Court Goblin, was there with a suggestion. He knew of some sort of little motley-forming ritual that would help us deal with the upcoming threats from Smith and Rath. Basically, we all shared some special wine in a Tupperware bowl and that was it. A couple of us wound up heading out for the Sunnyside Freehold, while the rest stayed behind.

Out of nowhere, Joshua, Adalida, and Ascaroth all started having all manner of hallucinations. We were trying to keep them in line by restraining him (luckily, Nick had handcuffs in his car-- fuzzy, leopard-print handcuffs), but it got to the point where Adalida was being lifted up into the air by a noose that only she could see. We got to the Freehold, knowing this had something to do with it.

Ascaroth was having an absolute freak-out, though, and while trying to restrain him we called the attention of police officers that blocked off the street. Some of us ducked inside, and Eylonwy, Adalida, and a new character whose name I can't quite recall at the moment wound up having a couple of 'drop guns'[0] tossed on them as the cops closed in and opened fire. Everyone got in relatively okay except for Addy, who took a couple of shots from what seemed to be a sniper rifle.

Ascaroth dove down the now-empty well in the back, still tied up from his earlier freak-out, while Nick tried to see if he could get the lawnmower catapult working again. But we got inside where the cops couldn't get at us, and climbed down the well into the Dreaming...

Where before this portion of the Freehold had a way that went deeper in, and a hallway that led to the sewers, all we had was the passageway that led to where we encountered Duke Rath and the horrible being before. We started hearing some sort fo blasphemous chanting, and Nick pointed out that the last time we heard that, we'd headed to his house for a secret meeting just before it had been robbed. The next thing my Satyr knew, he was gone and trapped in a room surrounded by horrible monsters. He started attacking them to try and escape, and it was only after he'd been restrained for a couple of rounds that he'd snapped out of it and had been forced to attack his friends through some sort of wild hallucination. He'd slugged Ascaroth, got in a few good shots on Joshua, and knocked Adalida unconscious. We ventured forward, Joshua carrying the unconscious Adalida, and eventually came across what appeared to be empty human skins stretched from floor to ceiling such that we had to push through them to get past. Adalida woke up in the middle of it, leading to the 'Silence of the Lambs' comment in the LJ community post.

We made our way through into a chamber where the blood was flowing, and Rath sat there in a wheelchair[1]... and then he stood up, and peeled off his skin (or possibly the other way around), revealing a younger, stronger body underneath. He pointed at one of us (the newbie, a wolf pooka), and said "Crucify." She levitated into the air, positioned as if on a cross, and blood started pouring fourth from her feet and hands, instantly Incapping her. Joshua and Nick charged at him and the Troll got in a couple of good hits. Ascaroth hid and Nick tried to use Veiled Eyes to cloak Eylonwy so she'd get a shot off with her longbow before he focused on her.

Rath, though, had other plans. He called upon his mastery of Legerdemain to blast us all back, knocking a couple of folks unconscious. The rest of us ran back into the room, finding him being held by the neck by a tall, Sidhe-like figure with red hair. Some words were exchanged (I think), and Rath teleported away. The figure turned to us, and we bowed and weren't sure what to do or say.

A gunshot rang out, the bullet passing through the being's head just behind the eyes, and it casually turned to see Smith down the hallway with a rifle. It reached out and dragged him forth telekinetically, and with just a thought it made him... go away, as if wished into the cornfield. The being told us to go, and we asked it how given that the passage was blocked. It said that the hallway was now open, so we got the hell out of there.

I think that's about it, short of some dialogue. We talked to the thing briefly and it talked back to us, and we definitely got the feeling that we hadn't had to linger.

Anyhow, that's it for one story, and now I'll be taking over for a couple of plots in a row to give Sean a break to see if we desperately have to switch to Hunter.

[0]-- For those of you who don't know the concept, it's something of an urban legend that a number of police officers carry small unregistered firearms that they can put into the hand of a gunned-down body as 'proof' that the perp shot at them first.
[1]-- Remember, Duke Elcid Rath is an old man paralyzed from the waist down, and is very much the Fae equivalent of Emperor Palpatine.
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