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Mmmm, bit worn out...

Oy... looks like we're going to have to have some work done on the bathroom. The tile in the shower wall is falling out and we're going to have to either replace it with fresh tile or one of those plastic wraparound showers. In the meantime, I gotta use my brother's shower in his old apartment upstairs until we get mine fixed. The problem is, he trashed the apartment once, threw out a bunch of the stuff he wrecked, and then abandoned it for his current downstairs apartment[0] so his old one's pretty messy and seems to have a bunch of his ex-girlfriend's stuff still in it.

Basically, the place is dirty and I don't adjust well to unfamiliar surroundings, even if it is just a shower.

Also, Mom's coming over later today to take a look at the shower... we've talked to a plumber, but Mom wanted to give it a once-over to get a better idea of our options. She's remodeled a house before, so she probably knows what she's talking about. What I'm dreading is the conversation we're going to have when she decides to bitch about how much of a mess my apartment is.

Yes, my apartment is a clean freak's worst nightmare. I accept this and I've got no problem with it. Fact of the matter is, I just don't want the hassle of being bitched out over it. It's like that because I never have anybody over... I only see one of my friends in Fairmont on a regular basis, and whenever we hang out off-campus we usually hang out at either a mall or his place on the other side of town. So the apartment is a nightmare because I don't entertain guests here; it's just a place to hold my stuff. Oh well. Best to just brace for it and ride it out.

Earlier (or last night, depending on your point of view), I hit the Book n Bean and got some work done on a couple of character backstories. One of them's for my Satyr at the Fae game, and the other's for a prospective Hunter character. The Satyr story will get posted once I give it another once-over, while the Imbued will probably have to wait until the LARP switches over.

Before that, I was due to turn in my paper in my Literature of the Western World class. However, she was playing it fast and loose with the deadline, and I accidentally put my paper in with the pile of drafts she was looking over and handing back during class (to turn in later) while we reviewed for the mid-term. I pointed my mistake out to her when she handed back the paper, but she said I could go ahead and revise the paper, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity.

I've been feeling really tense, lately... maybe it's just dealing with my grandmother, maybe it's having to start a LARP story a little earlier than expected, maybe it's a number of things. I'm thinking that maybe I just need one of those days where I take off for the day and nobody hears from me-- or at least they hear less than usual.

In unrelated news, I've been there before. In terms of analogies, I mean.

Anyhow, I'm out for the moment. LARP write-up will come later, although it was kind of a slow session, what I generally call a "breather."

[0]-- For those of you who don't know/recall, we live in an old apartment building that my brother and I currently own, having inherited it from our late grandfather. I live upstairs, my grandmother lives beneath me, and my brother currently stays in my grandfather's old apartment. He used to live upstairs down the hall from me.
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