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Updating from the college

Well, mom came over, with a minimum of bitching about the apartment (to my surprise), and took a look at the bathroom. Yeah, this is gonna have a hefty price tag on it. There's a possibility I might have to invoke a right to draw upon some emergency funds from a special account we have in order to get it fixed. *sigh*

Oooooh, pretty... (L5R thing, just to save people from clicking on the link out of curiosity)

Anyhow, just checking in after class and looking up a couple of things. And, also, just getting out a LARP report while I'm up here before I hit the gym.

As I said before, this was a slow week, what I tend to call a "breather." They tend to happen at the beginning of new storylines. I shamefully confess I didn't catch every little thing that happened, as I spent a good bit of time running NPC's and the players spent a good bit of time among themselves.

The first visitor was a Sidhe with white hair, a goatee, and wearing a nice white suit. He came up, introduced himself as being named Helmut, and insisted on being led to Mortimer (the Shadow Court Goblin) to have a word with him. Eylonwy and Shard were only too happy to take him into the Freehold and show him around. He had a little chat with Mortimer about things the PC's are not yet meant to know about, and that was that.

Later on, a House Scathach Sidhe showed up with a Kinain man in his 50's in tow. They got there just in time to watch a fight break out between a couple of the Fae, and stood back as Simon (the Sidhe) settled it. Simon informed them that they were in a bit of trouble... it seems that due to suspected involvement with the Shadow Court, the Fae of Morgantown were being placed under a sort of political blacklist. The Kinain, Martin Ashbury, explained better to Eylonwy.

It seems that the current Duke, who once specifically ordered the Fae of Morgantown to wipe out the Shadow Court, is conducting sort of a McCarthy-style Shadow Court witch hunt. Anyone seen to be associating with Morgantown is seen as a sympathizer, and thus the city's been placed under a 'Double Secret Probation'-style political quarantine.

According to Martin, rumor has it that a number of Shadow Court operatives had just recently moved into Morgantown. All that was known is that they were being led by something of a ringleader... a Goblin with white hair, a goatee, and normally wearing a white suit going by the name of Helmut. Yup, that one.

Martin, who claims to be one of the greatest Kinain experts on Fae lore, is going to be staying in the area for a while due to the quarantine. He says that he isn't attached to any particular court due to a bias against Kinain... he bitterly points out that pretty much every court he's been to is more keen on retaining the services of full Kithain librarians and archivists. He and Eylonwy had a talk, where he found out that her adopted father is Duke Elcid Rath, and he made a few comments about the offspring of the Sidhe that left for Arcadia.

At one point it came out that Kage had managed to become co-owner of the building upon which the Sunnyside Freehold sits. He insisted on going out there and encountering whatever was beneath it, having missed out in the previous week. Shard went with him. Everyone else waited up top while the two of them went down to the bottom, waded through the 'forest of meat,' and came upon the chamber where the others found Rath before. The red-haired, Sidhe-like being just stood there, facing the wall, and there was a pit full of meat and stuff in the middle of the room (which was there last time that I'd forgotten to mention).

They took a close look and saw something was moving in there... Shard pulled it out, and it turned out to be a naked, insane John Smith. He was gibbering like a lunatic. Kage and Shard talked about killing him, but the entity down there told them that Smith belonged to him. Specifically, that his heart belonged to him. There was some discussion of vexing (I'm sure someone will get the reference), and the being allowed them to leave as long as they left Smith behind.

We kind of cut things off around there. Yes, I know, light week, LARP-wise, but it couldn't be helped. Putting anything else in motion would have just led to too much in one session.

Later, guys.
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