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Couple of things

Sorry to disappoint folks who have been waiting for an update to the post I put up yesterday evening, but I'm afraid I'm not up to talking about it publicly yet.

However, I do feel a need to point out that we've begun the process of getting my bathroom worked on, as I may or may not have mentioned. First off was getting the lights working in there again, which we've done for cheaper than I expected.

Of course, this means I have to start cleaning it again. Yikes.

Also, I think I did pretty well on my Western Lit mid-term. Which means I probably crashed and burned, but them's the breaks. At least I've got Spring Break to look forward to, which means tackling the shitload of reading that's been assigned... Dostoevsky. Yikes again.

Oh well... now to grab a nap before class. Later.
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