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Quick, late update

Say what you will about Starbucks, but those of you who live close to one will apparently get some free coffee tomorrow.

Also, have any of you ever noticed how no particular standard seems to have been established regarding online voice chats? I mean, one person wants to talk to you online, voice-wise, and they want to use Ventrilo. Another wants to use Netmeeting. Other folks set up a Teamspeak chat, and you get people using one called Paltalk. And that's not even including voice features in existing text chats.

Am I the only person who has yet to meet two people who use the same voice chat program?

LARP write-up will come... eventually. Wound up not playing Buffy this Sunday, because I was stressed and upset about a bunch of minor stuff that's been piling up, and I was just in no condition to run anything. Hung out with Sean a bit, picked up my L5R cards, and just when we were starting to get into a decent game at a coffee house in Morgantown (as it was a Sunday, the Book n Bean had closed at 6, and there was noplace else in Morgantown or Fairmont we had access to), they closed early and we had to leave. *grumble grumble* Figures.

Work continues on the stuff I'm writing for the Alderac interviews. I'm getting by, so far... time at the Book n Bean's been helping when I can get there. Nothing more I can really say on that.

Anyhow, I'll catch you all later.
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