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Man, behind on this...

... and my connection dying didn't help. Still working on that writing assignment. I should have it done on time but it's not coming easy. It's mostly because the subject is pretty specific, and it's rare that I write anything that long at all, let alone in a week. But I should manage.

Things started off with a few Fae who haven't been in town for a while coming together... there were a couple of newbies as well, including a cat Pooka named Caleb and a Sluagh whose name I don't recall. Of course, the Sluagh's name doesn't matter, as it was Brin in disguise.

While they were chatting, the nearby lampposts began bursting, but only chimerically. They all exploded at once, and some of the Fae heard someone cursing up on the roof. A few of them got up there and didn't see anything. They heard someone invisible whisper something, and a couple of small lightning bolts came up from over the hill.

Assuming it was a signal of some sort, Ed immediately cut loose with Pyros, causing a huge explosion that immediately knocked out the guy that was up there. They brought him down, finding a bunch of chimerical gear that had been trashed. He was completely unconscious and severely burned. He had a chimerical walkie-talkie on him and someone tried to contact the guy, referring to him as "Leon."

They put some first aid on him and tried to talk to him when he woke up. With the help of some of Brin's special abilities (disguised with Fuddle so the others wouldn't recognize him), they managed to relieve his pain enough to talk to him. With the use of some Soothsay, they managed to determine that his name might actually be "Albert."

They figured out he's working on some sort of huge project for Helmut (the Goblin that showed up previously). Something was mentioned about a power plant or a battery, and he didn't claim any allegiance to any courts. They eventually knocked him out and locked him in a room using Weaver Ward to make sure he couldn't get out without a fight.

Brin and the new guy, Caleb, went to talk to some folks in town. Adalida went looking for where those blasts came from. She found some tire tracks in a nearby parking lot and a bunch of bits of metal magnetically stuck to a nearby fence (although by all rights, that shouldn't have been physically possible).

She brought the bits of metal back and Brin went off alone to scan them with Soothsay (which he did, still passing for the Sluagh). He saw the parking lot... he saw a Goblin with a Lightning gun and a radio talking to someone up on the roof. The Goblin talked back and forth with the guy, and fired a couple of blasts over the roof. Then he got into his van and got the hell out of there as the van gave off a bunch of sparks, leading to the metal bits clinging to the fence.

During all of this, Addy had to deal with the fact that her father appeared to be in trouble but she couldn't contact him because of the political blacklisting going on.

And that's about it, I think.

Later, folks.
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