MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Ah, yeah, that's nice...

It's nice not having that Alderac assignment over my head. Sure, I wasn't able to get everything I was supposed to do for school totally finished, but I think it was all worth the effort.

I hit the coffee house tonight after class, and despite my constant writing of L5R stuff, I was able to get right back into an unfinished fan-fic with no problem. And it felt nice to be able to work on something that I myself initiated. On the off chance that I actually get the position, I'd like to finish up a couple stories while I have the time.

I like Rich Wulf's writing and all and respect everything he's done for the game, but to be honest I'd hate to have people asking me "Why haven't you finished Story X that you started before you got a job writing professionally" like he gets from time to time.
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