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A minor gripe and a LARP write-up

Y'know, one thing I don't get... why is American Idol considered a 'reality show?' Is it because the judges are pricks? The fact that people call in and vote for the winners?

No, those things and everything else about the show makes it a friggin' game show. But people are long since tired of watching game shows. But a lot of people just aren't bright enough to recognize that they're watching the same sort of game shows that have been a dime a dozen for decades.

It's sort of like those radio stations where they'll call a song a hit whether it's popular or not, because it's new. And in today's disposable culture, a lot of people find it hard to believe that a song can continue being good for more than a month. They've been taught to get tired of it and search for something new. Well, y'know what? I can't stand half the shit they play these days. We recently got a radio station called SAM, which is basically the new format of station that's been floating around[0] where the station manager basically puts his random playlist of 70's, 80's, and 90's MP3's on the air with a heaping helping of commercials. No obnoxious DJ's that you can't heckle. Or jeckle. Or throw highball glasses at.

The session started with some interrogation of the Nocker the Fae previously captured. With the use of Sovereign, they were able to find out that he was with a group of Nockers and Goblins that were attempting to build a chimerical nuclear reactor. They were able to get the names of his co-minions (the Nocker's name is Alberti, and he works with guys named Vincey, Helmut, Fuller, Frank, and Babel), and that there was a slightly more than slim chance that the reactor they had planned could indeed have a meltdown or just outright explode. Nicolai was also able to figure out that what they knew about the area they seemed to have stolen from his mentor's notes during his recent visit and that they were using said notes as a basis for a lot of their work. Nicolai sent some quick magical letters back and forth with his mentor and found out that said notes might have been stolen and copied.

They left him there after Ed and Shard had managed to sneak him in a few things to try and escape once he was left alone.

Some of the Fae decided to talk to folks in the Shadow Court about this whole mess. They couldn't get in, though, and as they left Helmut appeared (this time without his Sidhe disguise). He'd apparently just eaten dinner with Mortimer. They had a chat with him about the reactor and the side-effects if the plan failed... he mentioned that if the reactor had a meltdown, then the effects on the local mortals would mostly be psychological (someone at least once used the phrase 'mind cancer' to describe the effects of chimerical fallout).

Helmut left after this chat, and then Alberti managed to escape from the room. Invisible, he followed some previous instructions and started pressing buttons on the emergency phones until he found the one that was wired to a radio that would put him in contact with Vincey. Some of the Changelings outside noticed this and attempted to get their attention. Vincey said over the radio that someone would contact them shortly.

They got back together and discussed their options concerning the political blockade. At one point this discussion led them all outside, where they met Vincey-- a goblin wearing a coat covered with little studs and Christmas tree lights (not unlike Nicolai's mentor) with long hair. They got a little too close and he freaked out, pulling a lightning gun on them. They backed off and talked a bit. Basically, they wanted him to blow up the Duke before he went after Morgantown.

Then they started arguing amongst themselves, and Vincey got nervous again. He took off and they hardly noticed. Adalida attempted to follow him, but when he pulled his lightning gun on her again that got her to back off. He said in so many words that either they had genuine problems he had no interest in getting involved with, or they were stalling for time for something and either way he decided the deal was a bad idea.

Nicolai, Eylonwy, and Ascaroth chased after him. They managed to track him down, and he pulled his gun on them to get them to leave. A fight broke out, and they managed to chimerically kick his ass. They dragged him back to Woodburn, where Ed proceeded to scream at them over the issue of antagonizing a bunch of folks capable of blowing up the town.

They realized what they'd done and let him go when he woke up. Ascaroth and Vincey spoke and worked out that Helmut would probably contact him during the week concerning their little plan involving the Duke's assassination.

Back at Woodburn, there was a lot of discussion about how to handle the political quarantine. Basically, the options were...

  • Destroy the Shadow Court before the Duke kills them all
  • Join the Shadow Court and prepare for the inevitable shitstorm
  • Find a way to satisfactorily fake the Shadow Court's demise (although this idea has yet to be fully explored and debated by the Fae)
  • Do nothing, be accused of joining the Shadow Court, and thus destroyed

The general consensus seems to be that joining the Shadow Court is the way to go. Not that everyone in town is signing up... Addy wants nothing to do with the Shadow Court, and Nicolai just wants to stay out of the politics (ah, poor Commoners, they keep thinking they have a choice in the matter).

But that'll be explored in the upcoming sessions...

Man, this entry took forever to write. Later.

[0]-- When I was first introduced to it, it was called JACK. I'm told Pittsburgh actually has a proper JACK station now.
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