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Hey there. Been getting a bit of writing in at the Book n Bean. Wasn't in much of a story mood today, so I sketched out some notes I might use if I ever run Requiem.

Not much of note to tell, other than the LARP write-up. However... here's what my door looked like minutes after that incident with the newspaper.

The newspaper is going to pay for it, though. We just have to get two estimates and send them to the newspaper and their insurance will take care of it. No word yet from the plumber on when they're going to be able to come out and take a look at the bathroom and let us know what it'll take to repair in terms of time and money.

Before I get into the LARP write-up, something I wanna share with you guys. I'm a Legend of the Five Rings fan... if you don't know this, then when did you start reading this journal? Anyhow, one of my favorite bits in the RPG is that the player is expected to go through a series of 20 questions defining certain aspects of the character before ever looking at any stats (sort of like White Wolf's 'Spark of Life' part to character creation, except it comes first). Well, I've been meaning to adapt the questions to other RPG's. I recently started with Changeling, as a little something for the players at Before the Dawn. Go take a look, lemme know what you think.

Ah, yes, the Fae of Morgantown... poor bastards. First off, Ascaroth met up with the Shadow Court Fae that identify themselves as 'The Project.' He talked to Alberti, with whom they've already established contact in the past. He didn't make any specific deals. He just asked, in so many words, whether or not they would get involved if the Duke decided to try and wipe Morgantown off the face of the map. They said they would do so, and he walked off, being made aware of the fact that Vincey had a Lightning Gun trained on him the entire time.

Shortly afterwards, the Kinain researcher Martin Ashbury showed up, asking anyone if they had anything to do with the device he'd seen on the roof of the Sunnyside Freehold. Kage went out there to check it out (while Martin was putting on some chain mail that Kage had purchased for him), and shot it off the roof, causing a fire in the process. The fire department came and put it out, and Kage retrieved as much of the device as he could.

I got back to the rest of the Fae just in time for Greg's character, Nathaniel, to take a puff of a joint he got from Ed. It turns out that after that incident with the chimera-spawning marijuana, Ed managed to save enough of it to grow more. Everyone else realized what the stuff was and ran like hell. It led to the generation of this weird space-ninja thing with laser swords and electric shuriken (just for the record, we played a little word-association game with Greg to determine the thing's appearance and abilities, and that was what came out). It attacked Martin but he escaped mysteriously and then it found and captured Nathan. The others had run for cover.

Nicolai showed up, reeling from an unsettling note he got from his mentor, and faced off against the thing. It had put Nathan into a tank where it was interrogating him in some unknown space language. Nicolai fought it, during which Nathan escaped, but Nicolai was saved by the space ninja thing spontaneously being trapped in chimerical carbonite, a la Empire Strikes Back.

Nicolai got away and Martin just happened to find him. They tracked down Kage and tried searching for the other Fae after a chat where Martin explained that the thing under the Sunnyside Freehold was a Lost One, an insanely-powerful Fae entity. An OOC argument had sprung up, and rather than wait for it to end Kage's player went home early. The rest of us tracked down the remaining Fae at a high-class restaurant in a hotel. We snuck in, and after dealing with a few snags, everything... stopped.

Time froze, except for us. The ceiling became a skylight through which the ninja-thing burst. We all started fighting it, and the voice of the Lost One came through, narrating the fight. Those of us who acted in line with what was going on got bonuses. Some of us fell (not permanently killed, just wounded), and then Martin took one of the thing's swords away and finished it off.

Time re-started and all hell broke loose in the restaurant. The Fae pretty much ran like hell, having more or less ruined Ivan's favorite restaurant. ;)

And that was about it, I think.

I'll check in with you folks later. Take care.
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