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Hm... hit the Book n Bean earlier... maybe it's distractions around the place, but the last couple of days I've actually been a little blocked, writing-wise.

Who knows. Looking forward to Greg's new Vampire LARP this Saturday... it'll be the first time in a while I've actually gotten to play in a game without having to help run it. And let's face it, I could use the mental decompression that comes with playing a game without that sort of responsibility.

I can't remember if I've shared this before, but the Book n Bean has its own website, complete with a webcomic and message board.

And now, a little semi-random treat I've been meaning to post for a while...

The backstory and current character sheet for my Changeling LARP character.

Nick Pines
Quote: "There's no such thing as 'no strings attached.' If you're gonna have strings, make sure you take care of them."

Background: Nick Pines was born in North Carolina in 1981, the child of former hippies. He grew up a little faster than he should have, but not in a bad way. His parents educated him on the truths of the world pleasant and unpleasant alike, and he matured at a quick but healthy pace. He spent most of his childhood being the voice of reason among his circle of friends, and was a social and happy child.

Nick's family, as long as he remembered, would spend their summers at a former commune that had become something of a family summer camp known as The Retreat. There were a few year-round residents, and many "children of the 60's" vacationed there during the summers. Nick's parents were old friends of Susan Hughes, the proprietor of the camp, and her late husband.

Nick's parents had always maintained some of those old 60's and 70's sensibilities and remained close to old friends. Many of The Retreat's residents and regulars had known each other for years, coming together at the camp every summer to reconnect and share stories. Nick had been given 'the talk' when he went through puberty, and his parents had brought him up with something of a "as long as nobody gets hurt" approach to relationships, so he wasn't too surprised to find out that his parents were swingers along with many of the others at The Retreat.

By the time he turned 15, Nick had dated and had been dumped by two girls. Dating in school seemed more of a 'thing a guy is supposed to do,' and he went out with girls in his class from peer pressure more than any real desire for commitment. He unintentionally neglected them and left them emotionally unfulfilled. He didn't quite understand what relationships were all about or how to make them work.

His parents, wanting to help but not sure how, turned to Susan for help. That summer, she asked Nick to help her with a number of chores around the camp that only a 'strapping young lad' like himself was suitable for. During all this, she talked to him about how to emotionally connect with people, and what forms those emotional connections could take. While he suspected his parents set the whole thing up, he didn't freak out because he enjoyed Susan's company and knew it was for his own good.

During these little 'dealing with women' lessons, Susan found out that Nick's relationships had never entered a physical stage. With his parents' permission, she wound up making a pass at him that was eagerly accepted. She took it upon herself to basically teach him everything he needed to know about sex. About halfway through the summer, when he'd truly learned the differences between love, being in love, and simply enjoying others' company, he decided to plan a special little get-together for Susan to thank her for everything.

The camp was located in the woods next to a lake. It was a very open secret that over one end of the lake was a small ledge where one could perfectly see the moonrise over the water. It was a traditional makeout spot for many a teenager at the camp, and when the summer got into its sentimental last weeks couples would almost have to schedule for a night alone up there. Nick prepared a late candle-light dinner and everything, and spent a full week putting everything together for his rendezvous. Susan, following instructions left for her, arrived at the spot at the perfect moment, and Nick was shocked to see that she was walking up the path on a pair of goat legs with horns growing from her forehead. He was just as shocked when he looked down at himself and realized he was sporting his own set of hooves and horns.

His instruction with Susan began anew that night-- after they properly 'celebrated' his Chrysalis, of course. He learned that The Retreat, since the hippie days, had been a vacation spot and living place for a number of Kithain Commoners. Almost every full-time resident at The Retreat was either Kithain or Kinain, including several veterans of the Accordance War. All of them were Commoners, and by some weird run of luck the Satyr never even met a Sidhe until he turned 18.

Nick returned to school in the fall, aware of the Dreaming and Changeling society, and discovered just that a few of his best friends were also Fae. He spent a great deal of time with them, having little adventures, and spent all of his vacation time back at The Retreat. By the time he moved away for college, he'd managed to establish and maintain a three-way relationship with two different girls who were aware of each other (a brunette named Gina and a blond named Candace).

College was a disaster for Nick. Try as he might, he couldn't successfully deal with his girlfriends deciding they wanted him to themselves. They were too different to really be a part of each others' lives, and Nick wound up struggling to keep from being torn in half. By the end of his sophomore year, his three-way relationship had fallen apart, and he hadn't even declared a major yet.

He dropped out of college and went back to The Retreat to get his life together. He'd been overconfident about his relationship skills, and had gotten in over his head. Susan helped him recover from the breakup, and he wound up staying at The Retreat for an extended vacation from everything. After a year or so, he had recovered enough that he went back out into the 'real world' to pick his life back up.

Normal work just didn't agree with him, the young man wanting to work with people on a personal level but wasn't qualified for anything but call centers. He became a male escort for a little while, taking advantage of one of the few things he was genuinely good at, but an early close call with STD's scared him away from it. Nick still had that knack for connecting with people that he learned from Susan, and wound up putting it to work with a phone sex line.

Nick has always enjoyed the work, quite frankly. He can make a connection with someone and enjoy their company (in a sense) with a bare minimum of strings attached. But the number of people who came to him to seek out comfort from a troubling relationship or true loneliness disturbed his sensibilities. He crossed the line and got involved, deciding that some people couldn't be helped simply by talking on the phone. He managed to personally help a couple of people out of crappy situations before he was fired for his efforts, accelerating his descent towards Grump-dom.

He drew the attention of Fae who did similar work, and wound up working for a phone sex line run by his fellow Satyrs. He used the line to find people who needed genuine counseling, at which point he'd track them down (often directly arranging a meeting to do so) and help them out. And, yes, he does get a fair bit of action in the process in addition to the pretty good pay. While he doesn't have a 100% success rate, his involvement in other peoples' relationships has never made things significantly worse than they already were (as far as he knows).

In late 2004, he met a Sluagh on the internet named Gina who was living in Morgantown. Nick, after talking to her for a while, realized that he was ready to settle down; the fact that she had the same name as one of his college girlfriends may have had something to do with this decision. They had a lot in common and she didn't even mind his job (which he could relocate easily, being phone-based), so they decided to move in together. In a moment of romantic inspiration, he signed a lease on a house in Morgantown without even having met the girl in person. She, along with many other Fae in Morgantown, disappeared one day without warning.

He and Alexander Mathews, a young Sidhe for whom he was providing crash space, came to Morgantown to track her down. He found his way to Woodburn Hall and met up with other Fae in town, where he was briefly held captive in the Freehold of Count Audrey ap Ailil. Since coming to Morgantown, Nick has fought dragons, faced a vicious serial killer, been questioned by the police, and has lost several personal (and several "really personal") items during a robbery after a meeting with his local Kithain allies. He's had plenty of time to decide to put his life back together.

Nick Today: In January 2006, Nick decided to return to college. He's attending WVU for a psychology degree, attempting to become a licensed therapist. He's recovered from the recent burglary of his house, albeit a little bitter at how little concern anyone else has shown over the incident. That combined with his academic work has kept him from attending court on a regular basis. The current political climate has made him a little nervous. He's trying to stay uninvolved, but he understands the painful truth that a Duke's army might try to march through Morgantown again. All Nick plans on doing is stalling for time until he can get out if he has to.

Kith: Satyr
Seeming: Grump
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Panderer/Knave

(Remember, this is an MET character... Where appropriate, I'll do my best to give tabletop equivalents)
Physical: Athletic x2, Brawny, Quick, Robust, Rugged, Stalwart, Tireless x2, Tough
Strength 4, Dexterity 2, Stamina 6 (my tabletop book seems to be in the car but if I recall, Satyrs get a free dot of Stamina that can take them to 6, but I could be wrong)
Social: Charming, Commanding, Empathetic x2, Expressive x2, Friendly, Ingratiating x2, Seductive
Charisma 4, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2
Mental: Alert, Analytical, Attentice, Insightful, Intuitive x2, Observant x2, Reflective x2
Perception 5, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Talents: Alertness 1, Brawl 2, Dodge 1, Empathy 2, Kenning 1
Skills: Etiquette 1, Performance 1,
Knowledges: Academics 1, Gremayre 4 (Fae lore), Investigation 1, Politics 1

Backgrounds: Contacts 2, Dreamers (his clients), Resources 2

Glamour 3, Banality 5, Willpower 5

Arts: Chicanery 5
Realms: Actor 5, Fae 5, Nature 2, Prop 1, Time 2
Musing Threshold: Create Love

Merits: Sexual Reverie (4)
Flaws: Bard's Tongue (1)
Tags: changeling
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