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Update on stuff

Well, looks like I'm going to be hearing from Alderac about Phase 3 the first week of May or so, because they're busy with the Kotei season.

I've got a bit of a writing block going on, I've noticed. Trying to work through it, but it's difficult.

Also, this past weekend, I picked up the novel 'Boogiepop and Others.' Being a big fan of the anime, I've already managed to make my way halfway through it, and I'm not disappointed.

Also, in all the work I had to do for that Alderac application, I completely forgot about sending in my submission for the AnthroCon conbook. *sigh* Oh well, it's my own fault. I'll go ahead and upload it in a day or two.

If there's anything else, I'll think of it later. Take care.
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