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Yikes, been busy

Well, here's one of my usual 'way too early in the morning' updates. Been busy this week... had to schedule the Buffy game to be early on Sunday as I had to spend Sunday evening and almost all of Monday up at the college working on a presentation about T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land." The presentation went pretty well, though, I think-- or at least about as well as it can for such a complex piece of work. I think the teacher was really impressed by the layout of the handout that my partner and I put together.

My writing block continues, and I'm thinking about seeing if starting something short but fresh helps break through.

I got thoroughly trounced at the L5R tourney on Saturday (although, like with most L5R tourneys, you definitely get your entry fee's worth of promo cards). I ran through a little playtesting of a deck redesign with Sean last night, and I'm trying to work out a few changes I still need to make to it.

The Fae session was a pretty straightforward one... The weather made it kind of difficult to get everyone together for plot at once, so it wound up being one of those sessions where the group was split between two alcoves.

Everyone was milling about, when a Kenning test revealed something... big coming. Everyone but Joshua and Ed ran like hell. A fan pulled into the drive way. A tarp whipped off of the top, revealing a contraption that launched a lawnmower, ballista-style, at Ed. Ed unleashed his fire at it, but wasn't able to stop the flying lawnmower from hitting him. (check the first quote there) Ed proceeded to detonate the van, and they found a vaguely-spherical device inside insulated against the blast. They dragged it into Ed's anchor.

By now, the others were in another alcove as the rain had started to pick up, and to my understanding they were busy telling the mortal character we're experimenting with everything there is to know about the Fae. At some point they enchanted him and made the mistake of telling him that he'd eventually forget it all (morons).

So, back to Ed's anchor... they were screwing around with the device, and a little periscope thing popped out and looked at them. A panel opened up and a Nocker appeared on a video screen, telling them that he was getting revenge on the two folks who were killed at the Best Buy. Through some back and forth banter, he more or less found out who was directly involved. He was about to attack Ed, but Ed managed to burn out the thing's internal engine with Pyros.

Then they wondered aloud if he was actually inside there. Joshua used a chainsaw to start cutting open the side. The Nocker on the screen freaked out, trying to convince them he wasn't actually in the machine. Eventually they got the side open, finding nothing but a timer starting to count down from 10 seconds. The Nocker just calmly grinned and said "Fucking morons" before the screen went black.

Ed used Pyros to keep the explosion from killing them both as it went off, and hauled the thing back out. They later moved it into the Freehold for Nicolai to break it down and analyze it.

I do have one minor OOC gripe, and it was when I was checking in with the other players at one point. Basically, Zac was complaining about how he'd missed out on the action. I pointed out that he was one of the first ones running when they got the warning of danger. Then he said that he ran because he was the inventor, not a combat guy.

So he was pissed about missing out on possible combat and explosions. But he went out of his way to miss out on possible combat and explosions.


Sean and I actually managed to get to Last Midnight in time to get in a bit of playing (having left the tourney early).

We showed up to find that the siege on Morgantown continued with a massive 'break the Masquerade' campaign. A bunch of us, not pleased with how the two established packs in town were doing, banded together and terrorized a movie theater (with our de facto Ductus using Fleshcraft to wear the face of another vampire in the city who's just going to get everyone killed if something isn't done quickly-- like getting him taken out by hunters or Cam first). We each picked a different movie and caused all hell to break loose including fires, Vicissituded bodies, and Dementation-inspired riots ("Hey, you realize how the parent groups will react to a riot in Stay Alive? I mean, it's a violent movie about a violent video game.").

After that was taken care of, we got together to talk about formal pack stuff, and performed a Vaulderie. Not a heck of a lot happened after that, and things kinda wound up.

And that's about it. Catch up with you guys later.
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