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Well, got a little bit of writing done at the Book n Bean, and feeling a lot better about myself.

I pretty much carried the discussion in class tonight about Robert Coover's "The Babysitter" (warning, not exactly reading fare for young'uns, includes violence of a sexual nature albeit lacking in graphic detail). I bring it up at all because sometimes I feel a need to share with folks just how idiotic some of the people I have to deal with are.

The handout we got from the group doing the presentation starts off with (spelling and grammar errors left in):
To answer everyone's question to us "What Happens?" Nothing does it is all fiction.

Now, that's not the idiocy I was trying to show off. No, what I was going to bring to your attention is the fact that when the discussion, this one girl in class who's night too bright asked which of the story bits in "The Babysitter" actually happened. There was silence for a moment, and I took the initiative and just said "None of it really happened, that is the point." Just some of the people we've got in these classes... oy.

Also, by the time you all read this, it'll be the Day of Silence. Not really much more I can say about that. Not going for any sense of irony or anything like that. Just, y'know... it's there.
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