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Home stretch...

Well, it'll be wrapped up soon and then I can finally grab a shower and head out for the day.

They're about done with my bathroom, and soon they're going to go work on the one my brother was using. Although I've had to dig up all the stuff from my original bathroom that the workers just kind of randomly set down around the apartment and get it all into the new one, as well as sort out the stuff from my brother's bathroom. I'd brought over a few things to my brother's bathroom, and they assumed that everything over there was mine and put it all in my bathroom. So I had to grab a box and sort out everything that's my brother's and put it somewhere for him. However, the madness they've been inciting in me is abating now.

But I'm managing. I'll finally be able to take a shower without having to cross the building, and I won't have to be woken up by all the noise anymore.

As soon as they have a blind installed in the window in there, I'll be ready to get cleaned up and head out. Finally.
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