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Wow, middle of the day?

Yeah, I had some time, so I decided to get in a LARP write-up while I'm here. Later tonight I'm going out to dinner with my dad and my brother, but going ahead and punching this out.

Well, this past Friday was a 'different' session. Shortly after the Fae got together, we all heard a loud howling sound... something familiar to some of the Changelings in town. A bunch of the Fae headed out to the source of the noise, which seemed to be Woodburn Circle. At that point, well... a human skin, intact but not attached to the human, landed on Ascaroth as it was thrown from the bushes.

He checked the bushes and found a body that had the signs of being a victim of Gill, the serial killer Shadow Court count that we'd dealt with on and off over the last year. However, he mistook it for the work of Duke Rath, not realizing the significance of the removed heart. The police got ICly called, and Detective Martin got a call from Ascaroth.

Tony showed up and look a look at the scene, asking the Fae there about what happened, introducing himself to those who hadn't met him yet. While there, he was contacted and let them know that there had been another murder behind the MountainLair. Only one of them followed him back there, although Eylonwy briefly took a glance at the scene.

When Tony came back, he had a new friend in tow, although only Ivan could see him... Eddie, the ghost of the victim. The spirit was just making all sorts of unholy noise while giving a description of the murderer (described more or less as Gill's animal form), and Tony was trying to get it to give him a clue as to which way Gill had gone. Eventually, Eddie grabbed him and materialized, pointing in the direction.

The detective went around the corner in that direction, charging forward a bit too recklessly, and was showing Ascaroth that his gun was loaded when Gill jumped out of the bushes at him. Det. Martin got pinned down and had his throat torn up (Incapped, not killed) while Ascaroth tried to fend Gill off. Gill pinned him down as well, and almost let him go before Ascaroth tried to reach for a weapon.

Gill was about to go after him as well when an arrow lodged in his side... Jason, the mortal hunter who's been dragged into the web of intrigue, had dug out a bow and was firing at Gill. He managed to drive him off and they called the ambulance.

I missed the beginning of what happened next... all I know is that someone tried to kill Ascaroth (who'd been made to look like Gill with a cantrip); I think it was Jason trying to kill him under contract from Ivan. And Ascaroth used some of the Morgantown Blue to conjure up a dangerous monster. I just kind of lost track of everything after that, and I think after the scene was settled we wrapped up.

Vampire was a bit more action-packed. A bunch of us went to deal with a professor who had identified the Sabbat sect emblem as the symbol of 'the Sword of Caine' in the press. In a nutshell, we realized that he was a mortal occultist powerful enough not to be messed with. He didn't have any beef with us in particular, he just wanted our little war over with as soon as possible. We agreed to stay out of each others' way, more or less.

We'd managed to get directions to Elysium in Morgantown, and laid siege to it. My character was in the back, not being much of a combat type. I know there was a lot of assbeating, we got a couple of them, and eventually the Tremere primogen set the entire room ablaze. We all got out and headed over to the Bishop's house.

He appeared to have undergone a little ordeal of his own, with the house torn up and everything. He had this whole little command center dealie set up in his basement. He got us all together for a meeting where we went over what we'd accomplished and some Status was handed out. Things just kind of dissolved after that.

And that's it for LARP stuff at the moment. Later.
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