December 29th, 2005


"Rise from your grave..."

Well, folks, I'm back. First off, I'd like to thank Josh (mafiabass) for taking care of transcribing my phone post, and helping me with the dilemma that led to it in the first place.

Long story short, the files on my hard drive tried to eat each other and failed Sunday night. I deeply apologize for whomever I disappeared on as a result. The whole thing left the majority of the files on the computer intact, but the Windows files were so screwed up not even a re-install would work.

More concerned about getting back on my electronic feet than anything else, I drafted a plan. I could get myself set back up by replacing a few components... all of them. I'd been toying with the idea of getting a new computer and just transferring over my hard drive for a while, and since I had the cash I figured this was as good a time as any.

I'm already in the process of re-installing certain software and setting myself back up. I was able to get the old hard drive plugged into the new system, and most of the files are there and intact-- it'll just take me some time to dig through them. I'm worried most about transferring over the stuff on my handheld without any problems. But I'll figure out something. I'll just have to do it one program at a time.

It's better than being as cut off as I was... the sudden change to my daily routine was so drastic I was having trouble sleeping... I know, I know, it sounds pathetic. If I went into more detail about it I'd probably get a few replies suggesting that I go into therapy, and they wouldn't be entirely undeserved. Most of my half-crazed state was the paranoia that I'd just lost seven and a half years of collected stories, artwork, and stories of my own. As near as I can tell I haven't lost all of it-- and that's a level of relief I can't even define-- but that doesn't change the fact that I was pretty out of it for a couple of days.

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Well, it looks like I've got my screwed-up sleeping schedule back... ah, life is good... Mahalo.

Oh, as a side-note...

I meant to mention a couple of times... we didn't get a white Christmas, as per usual. We did get a fair bit of snow on the 26th, though. But it's back into the 50's around here.
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