January 5th, 2006

Book n Bean

"What Russian novel, embracing more than 500 characters, is set in the Napoleonic wars?"

(Now there's a classic movie reference for ya)

Hello there, folks. I'm writing this up at the Book n Bean because if I try writing this at home I'll be too distracted and it won't get posted until something like 5 in the morning. And I've got a bunch of stuff to work on before tomorrow anyhow (a story that some of you know and the rest will probably soon hear), and can't afford to spend my time picking at a post until it's finished. Besides, I'm overdue for an in-character post on the Fae game LJ community, which I'll be writing while I'm here as well.

Sorry I've been so quiet overall. I've either been just dead all day or busy, and I'm trying to get myself back on track after the holidays.

I came in tonight to find Shomo and a bunch of people playing Trivial Pursuit on the bartop at the coffee house, and some people in the back playing *shudder* Yu-Gi-Oh. Shomo has his moments, but I'm not going to deny it's sometimes tough dealing with one of those geeks where they see you and the first thing out of their mouth isn't "Hi" or "How are you" but "I just got to read the 'Starkiller' script for Star Wars."

I haven't gotten as much writing done this week as I'd like, which is a bit annoying because I meant to have a story finished by New Year's and wound up being delayed by my computer problems. Hell, I originally meant to have it finished by Christmas but just couldn't find the time with all of the trips I had to do for shopping.

I had fun at a New Year's Eve party that Josh (mafiabass) threw last Saturday. Lots of food, a bunch of people there playing Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition (we were divided up into teams because of the crowd; I was teamed with Steve and Jeremy, and I've learned that Jeremy is pretty much useless when it comes to Trivial Pursuit), and getting the champagne poured just in time for the ball to drop. And then the having to constantly disarm Josh, as he kept grabbing noisemakers and using them. He naturally bitched about it, not realizing that had I not taken them out of his hands he would have required a proctologist to get them back later. He later had a drawing of sorts where he gave us a bunch of random stuff he pulled out of the dollar bin at Target.

Also, in the house, we're finally getting our washer and dryer replaced, as we've needed it for a while. I've been putting it off because even with the cost being split three ways, right before Christmas is not the best time to drop a few hundred bucks on a washer and dryer. They're getting delivered this Saturday.

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Fortunately, I finished up this post just in time for the Book n Bean to close (apparently the Christian Open Mic folks aren't coming in tonight), so I'll just have to write up the post for the Fae LJ community when I get home.

Later, folks.