January 12th, 2006


I really need to do more of these more often

Sorry again for being so quiet lately. I've been doing a fair amount of running around this week.

Got a new washer and dryer last week, and today I've been putting a fair share of laundry through it... We just had some old ones that were extremely beat up and worn out, especially after my brother and I moved in and considerably upped the sheer amount of usage.

I haven't been able to make it out to the Book n Bean nearly enough in recent weeks, generally due to being busy with one thing or another.

Sean and I headed out to a couple of gaming stores on Tuesday (one of which in Pittsburgh), digging up stuff for a Constructed L5R tournament going on this Saturday in Butler. It's been a while since I've managed to make it up to a tourney... in fact, I don't think I've had a chance to play in any tournaments since before Lotus came out. Yikes. And I don't do Constructed tourneys very often because of the plain and simple fact that my deckbuilding skills utterly bite. Anyhow, we got some cards he needed, I dug out a bunch of cards I wasn't using, and I helped him build a Dragon Enlightenment deck.

We haven't been able to play Exalted for a couple of weeks due to the holiday break briefly seperating the group. We're a little worried about getting back into the groove of it, since Dusten's been kinda burned out. After he's done with the current story arc, we'll move to something else for a while.

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And that's it, for the moment. I'll catch you folks later.

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