February 2nd, 2006


Busy, busy, busy...

If it's one thing you can count on, it's the useless ness of the student employees at the Falcon Center. I accidentally left my combinatio nlock on one of the lockers at the fitness center on Monday, and even though they were supposed to get rid of it it was still there when Josh and I went in to work out tonight.

But then, what do you expect? These are the same people who let me work out in jeans for a month before I found out that you're not supposed to wear jeans in the fitness center.

Either way it saved me from having to spend way too much on another lock (they were selling them for $6.48 before tax in the campus bookstore).

The Buffy game continues, although we had a bit of a snag, when one of our players couldn't make it (but given that his character had just had his nose broken, it makes sense that he might be out of school a day or two), and another left early to attend one of the assorted local LARPs. However, we got Greg into the group, so it's managed to balance out a bit. Now I just need to get around to calling everyone to make sure they're up for trying to play on Super Bowl Sunday...

I've gotten a bit of writing done, and unless you missed a previous post you'll know that I got a couple new chapters of my L5R fics posted.

I've been playing a fair bit of Soul Calibur III lately, and I'm just wondering... am I the only one who gets a bit annoyed at playing through Tales of Souls mode and having to go through that entire intro to the fight with Zasalamel every single frigging game, no matter who you're playing as?

And now, to balance that out... something cute and funny.

Also, in the mail, I recently got some stuff I bought from Ron Spencer via his eBay page... has anyone else here bought artwork off of him? If so, I gotta check... is it just me, or does he package his artwork like he's expecting it to have to pass through the fires of hell itself before it gets to you?

Oh, wait... that's right, US Postal Service. Close enough. But seriously... not that I mind the notion of getting things intact. But some of that packaging practically needs a chainsaw to open.

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And that's about it for the moment. Later, folks.