February 15th, 2006


Hoi, chummers

Writing this out up at the college while I wait for some sinus medication to kick in before I hit the gym.

Been pretty busy this week... I was thinking of saving this for a Friends-only post so as not to totally jinx it, but I figure what the hell...

I'm trying out for a writing job with Alderac Entertainment Group. Rich Wulf's recently left the company and Shawn Carman will also be leaving sometime in the future, and word got out that Alderac has been looking at new writers. Since word of the whole thing got out earlier than expected, the company's wound up making it something of a public audition. I'm preparing some materials to send them along with a resume and stuff like that, and with any luck I'll be a candidate. The main thing that I think might hurt me is my lack of published/contracted game writing experience, but then Rich wound up with a job on the Story Team because of some really great fanfic work. Among other things, I need to finish up a short fic and send it in by this Friday, which I'll probably be working on later tonight.

Also, I still need to get around to calling up Palm and bitching them out over my Wi-Fi card dying for no apparent reason.

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Okay, well, I'm gonna hit the gym in a second. Catch you all later.