February 23rd, 2006


Gah, meant to post this last night

Just killing some time up at the college, working on a couple of things before heading back to my house to get into a paper I'm writing for English. Or at least get as much into it as I can before having to hit the grocery store for my grandmother later.

I had a dental appointment earlier, have to go back in for a filling in a couple of weeks. Y'know what's always driven me mildly nuts about those appointments? Something about them (maybe it's the latex gloves or maybe it's just having to hold my mouth open) always irritates my skin. I tend to have mild breakouts of seborrheic dermatitis, and for some reason dental appointments always cause them to flare up.

The idea behind the paper I'm writing is that I'm supposed to write about a contemporary work (text, music, movie, or whatever) that is a satire or parody and what makes it so. My initial subject idea was how Transmetropolitan portrays politics and politicians. However, I've come to realize that there just isn't enough room in the dreaded 5-paragraph format forced on us to do the subject justice. So I've decided to broaden it, and just touch briefly on how Transmet deals with society and modern culture as a whole. I'll probably work on it later if I hit the coffee house.

Oh, hey, check this out. Am I the only one that sees this article as proof that the first true AI's will be Zen monks who crash your programs by not-crashing them?

Also, looks like they're finally sweeping some of Michael Eisner's last crumbs of bullshit out the door. Disney's going back to hand-drawn animation. And read partway down the page... apparently China's banning movies where live-action and animated characters interact. Fuck the what?

Also, later, I've got some NPC-design to finish up for the Changeling game, as we finished a story arc last Friday and things are being turned back over to me. As a side-note, before I get into the LARP write-up, I feel a need to point out this post, where I make a major announcement about the current state of the Changeling game (something a few of you know about already).

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