March 9th, 2006


Man, today was beautiful...

I swear it was in the 70's, temperature-wise. Frickin' 70's, man. It was great.

Finished The Rum Diary today. Good book, although I have to admit I wonder how well it'll translate. I'm not sure it'll be another Fear and Loathing, movie-wise, but it should be interesting to see on the screen.

momoku is starting his own Vampire LARP soon; on Saturdays, at that! I figure the only thing keeping ToD going is the fact that most of the people genuinely interested in it are already getting what they want... so if the game continues, it'll probably be just them running what is essentially tabletop with LARP rules. But I could be wrong. I've got a character concept in mind, although gaming in Morgantown has gotten me so paranoid that I'm afraid to spend any time on the character because that seems to only guarantee that something will happen.

Heading up to Butler this weekend for another L5R tourney. I'm looking forward to it, although my playing still mostly sucks.

Also, a couple days ago, I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a while... there's this bridge in Fairmont that was torn down and rebuilt a few years ago, and they've put lights on it lighting it up at night. I stopped on the way back from Sean's house and took some photos. They're a little blurry, as I had neither a tripod nor a good place to set one, but I figure they're worth sharing...

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Okay, well, I'm headed out shortly to go to the grocery store for my grandmother. I'll catch you all later.