March 21st, 2006


In retrospect, tying them together by their wings for maximum lift may not have been the best idea.

Letting folks know I'm still alive. I finally finished that stuff I was working on and sent it in to the Alderac people. With any luck, I'll know in the next couple of weeks about whether or not I move on to Phase 3.

We were supposed to hear from the plumbers this last week about when they'd be able to come in, crack open the shower wall and let us know how much they'd have to do and how much it would cost and all that. We were supposed to hear from them and they'd be here a couple of days after. It's not the following week and we still haven't heard from them at all. *grumble grumble* I'm thinking of giving them a call and letting them know that if they don't feel up to tackling this problem sometime this year, then I might start looking for other companies.

Lately, on TV, we've been assaulted repeatedly with trailers for the 'Larry the Cable Guy' movie. I'm sorry, maybe it's because I have to deal with moron rednecks in my daily life so I don't find them that funny, but what the fuck is all that appealing about someone who actually calls himself 'Larry the Cable Guy?' I mean, just because Jeff Foxworthy realized he screwed his career by dropping the "you might be a redneck" jokes doesn't mean that he needed to come back and start this whole "redneck comedian" craze in a desperate grab at fame. What's next, a wave of Jerry Seinfeld sound-alike comedians?

Speaking of movies, I saw a cardboard stand-up for that new movie The Benchwarmers when I went to go see V for Vendetta this past weekend. I looked at the cast listed on the stand-up... Rob Schneider, David Spade, Jon Heder. And I took a moment to ask myself... "Okay, are they advertising a movie, or are they just describing those three actors?"

Has anybody seen this recent series of anti-marijuana ads that's been airing? I don't even smoke pot, and I think they're too stupid to convince anyone not to use drugs. Hell, even I know that despite what the commercials say, smoking marijuana will never inherently make someone boring. At least, no more so than using any other mind-altering substance in sufficient amounts to put yourself into a stupor.

Am I the only one who remembers when NetZero was free, and that was the point of the name?

A couple of friends and I have been laughing our asses off at the trailers for the latest cheesy horror flick "Stay Alive." It's not because of the simplistic plotline or the fact that there's no way those people could believably be gamers. It's because of the tagline: "You die in the game - you die for real." There was a running bit with some of the local gamers (of which I first learned in Ryan Yeager's basement, back when the Yeagers and Dave Wise ran Night Lair and a few tabletop games) inspired by the infamous "Dark Dungeons" Chick Tract. Usually it came up when discussing PC death, where we'd all go in unison, mock-dramatically: "If you die in the game, you must die for real! Hahahahaha, Dark Dungeons!" Trust me, it's funny if you're there. Ask me sometime if you run into me and I'll do the bit for you so you know how it sounds. Or, I just might get bored and record an MP3 of it and post it here.

Also, this past weekend, I picked up a copy of the Penny Arcade card game. It's a boxed set of two theme decks which, I assume, are meant more or less as a way of building up hype for Sabertooth Games' upcoming Universal Fighting System line (hey, the thing to do in CCG-land is to rip off other peoples' successful ideas, and since Vs System has hit it big...). It looks interesting, although I think the 'control checks' you have to go through to play cards makes it a little too complex. I haven't actually gotten to play it, though, so at some point I'm probably gonna con mafiabass into playing a couple of rounds with me after working out or something. From what I've seen of the half-crappily-written rulesheet and on their website, though, the Penny Arcade game probably will not make a good introduction to the system in general, given that it deliberately leaves out a couple of important rules for simplicity's sake (and one of the theme decks is deliberately built ignoring said rules for balance purposes). I can probably give a better review when I've actually gotten to play it, though.

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