March 23rd, 2006


A minor gripe and a LARP write-up

Y'know, one thing I don't get... why is American Idol considered a 'reality show?' Is it because the judges are pricks? The fact that people call in and vote for the winners?

No, those things and everything else about the show makes it a friggin' game show. But people are long since tired of watching game shows. But a lot of people just aren't bright enough to recognize that they're watching the same sort of game shows that have been a dime a dozen for decades.

It's sort of like those radio stations where they'll call a song a hit whether it's popular or not, because it's new. And in today's disposable culture, a lot of people find it hard to believe that a song can continue being good for more than a month. They've been taught to get tired of it and search for something new. Well, y'know what? I can't stand half the shit they play these days. We recently got a radio station called SAM, which is basically the new format of station that's been floating around[0] where the station manager basically puts his random playlist of 70's, 80's, and 90's MP3's on the air with a heaping helping of commercials. No obnoxious DJ's that you can't heckle. Or jeckle. Or throw highball glasses at.

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Man, this entry took forever to write. Later.

[0]-- When I was first introduced to it, it was called JACK. I'm told Pittsburgh actually has a proper JACK station now.