April 13th, 2006


Yikes, been busy

Well, here's one of my usual 'way too early in the morning' updates. Been busy this week... had to schedule the Buffy game to be early on Sunday as I had to spend Sunday evening and almost all of Monday up at the college working on a presentation about T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land." The presentation went pretty well, though, I think-- or at least about as well as it can for such a complex piece of work. I think the teacher was really impressed by the layout of the handout that my partner and I put together.

My writing block continues, and I'm thinking about seeing if starting something short but fresh helps break through.

I got thoroughly trounced at the L5R tourney on Saturday (although, like with most L5R tourneys, you definitely get your entry fee's worth of promo cards). I ran through a little playtesting of a deck redesign with Sean last night, and I'm trying to work out a few changes I still need to make to it.

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And that's about it. Catch up with you guys later.