April 20th, 2006


Well, here I am again

Work continues on the bathroom. We got the ant problem taken care of... we found some stuff to deal with it in the basement, rather than pay the exterminators an additional small fortune to do it after all.

Killing time until my grandmother gets home because I need to go to the grocery store for her later.

Looks like Pete Abrams is trying to backdoor in some of the Oceans Unmoving crap into the current Sluggy storyline. Now, I understand that sometimes webcomics change over time. But I wonder if I'm the only guy who got tired of the regular comic being put on hold for "Bun-Bun high fantasy adventures," and thus got even more annoyed at seeing them bringing up the 'Oceans Unmoving' plot again. I mean, if Pete's just brought Bun-Bun back to reality just to have the regular characters play second fiddle to the ridiculously unfunny (as opposed to funnily ridiculous), I think that'll be it.

Silent Hill opens this weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

Also, I owe you guys a LARP report. Sorry, the week's just flown by.

We didn't play Changeling this week. The weather was really crummy, and by the time it started to clear up we just couldn't get enough players together in time to actually get any playing in.

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And that's it. I'm headed out in a few to handle my grandmother's grocery shopping, then I'll be hitting the Book n Bean. Later.
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