April 25th, 2006


Taking advantage of an opportunity

Ah, yes, you know the semester's almost over when they set out the free coffee in the campus computer lab and the college is stuffing emails in your campus account telling you about how you can sell your books back to the bookstore... a day after the bookstore stops accepting them.

Edit: I realized a bit late that I'd misread a sign from earlier in the semester. Oh well. It was funny at the time.

Looking at maybe getting a couple of folks to help me clean my apartment after the workers are done renovating the bathroom, which they say will probably be done by this Friday. With the semester wrapping up, hopefully some folks will have time.

Y'know what I'd about kill for? For the Venture Brothers Season 1 DVD set to come out before my upcoming birthday.

Also, I saw Silent Hill this weekend. It wasn't great, but I found it enjoyable. Of course, whenever I read peoples' reviews of movies, I keep thinking there's something innately wrong with me because I have difficulties being mortally offended at the very notion that a movie has to be either perfect or Manos with no shades of gray. People keep demanding that these movies be brilliant, and I keep getting the impression that I'm the only person in the world who doesn't. I dunno.

Regardless, Tycho over at Penny Arcade nails most of what I'd have to say on the movie better than I could, especially with this line: "Silent Hill: The Movie evokes the games without accurately expressing them - to the extent that the movie succeeds at all, it is because director Christophe Gans has mastered the series' visual lexicon."

In the end, though, I think the way I got maximum enjoyment out of the movie was discussing it with Sean afterwards, finding it almost too easy to put several elements of the movie in a Wraith context.

We didn't get to play Vampire this past weekend, as an event up at the MountainLair would have made it too difficult to play in the usual spot. Similarly, the Buffy group hasn't been able to get together lately because of some nasty scheduling problems, which sucks extra because we left off half-way through an episode that went a bit longer than expected (mostly because of a couple of crappy story decisions on my part).

I'm not gonna LJ-cut the latest Changeling LARP write-up, because I don't really think it's long enough to warrant it-- because of repeated delays, we didn't get a lot really accomplished.

There was a bunch of plotting and scheming between the PC's at the game. I don't know what this was building up to, but Eylonwy and Shard tried making everyone else think that they were bringing a wounded Gabriella into the Freehold. Either way, the others got paranoid and through some cantrip use found out that Gabriella wasn't in there. So they tried to subtly investigate, which led to Shard getting pissed off and trying to kill Ascaroth. Ascaroth used Geas to try and keep Shard from killing him, and in response Shard invoked the Oath of Undoing. Ascaroth was able to Geas him into leaving the city, meaning that now there's this horrific Dauntain-Inanimae thing that will be waiting for the opportunity to smear the little sumbitch the moment he leaves Morgantown.

Crystal, Gabriella's player, happened to stop by and hear about what's going on. She jumped in, playing Gabriella, and actually got Eylonwy off the hook, covering for her. A new Sidhe named Kael came into town and introduced himself. Detective Martin returned when the player characters' actions drew police attention, and agreed to cover up as best he could for them as long as he wasn't covering for Ivan (he's not fond of the Sluagh for personal reasons) in the process.

And that's pretty much it.

Anyhow, I'm headed out-- I've got some reading to do before class later.

While I'm here...

I really need to get like a little mini portable wrist pad for something for these campus computers. They're really fucking up my left wrist something awful.
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Book n Bean


Well, got a little bit of writing done at the Book n Bean, and feeling a lot better about myself.

I pretty much carried the discussion in class tonight about Robert Coover's "The Babysitter" (warning, not exactly reading fare for young'uns, includes violence of a sexual nature albeit lacking in graphic detail). I bring it up at all because sometimes I feel a need to share with folks just how idiotic some of the people I have to deal with are.

The handout we got from the group doing the presentation starts off with (spelling and grammar errors left in):
To answer everyone's question to us "What Happens?" Nothing does it is all fiction.

Now, that's not the idiocy I was trying to show off. No, what I was going to bring to your attention is the fact that when the discussion, this one girl in class who's night too bright asked which of the story bits in "The Babysitter" actually happened. There was silence for a moment, and I took the initiative and just said "None of it really happened, that is the point." Just some of the people we've got in these classes... oy.

Also, by the time you all read this, it'll be the Day of Silence. Not really much more I can say about that. Not going for any sense of irony or anything like that. Just, y'know... it's there.
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