May 2nd, 2006


Hm, getting there

Man, this Friday will be the day I hit quarter of a century. 25 years old. Yikes. Since the first weekend in May is the Kentucky Derby, we'll be having my birthday dinner on Wednesday so my dad can make it.

Also, sometime soon I should be hearing back from Alderac regarding whether or not I made it to Phase 3 of that job application process. I'm hoping I make it, although I openly admit that part of me's terrified at the prospect of if it turns out I have a real shot at this. Many of you know that I'm not a big fan of just jumping in the deep end on something this big. If I happen to get the job by some miracle, then obviously they'll think I'm good enough as a writer. I'm a little afraid as to how well I'd be able to keep up, with the actual position, but I'd rather give it a serious shot and fail than completely wimp out.

The first 'season' of the Buffy RPG has been building up towards its climax. The way one of the stories got handled just put things on a course to more or less say that I can't hold back the final confrontation between the PC's and the 'Big Bad' of the game, a vampire mobster named Terry Costanzo. After that, we'll be taking a brief break from Buffy, but since the end of the season is coming up we've already discussed one or two things that will become vital, since I will have to set up the final story arc to lead off into Season Two. It's involved me having to change some major plans, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

Also, because a couple of folks have been curious to see it...

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And that's it for the moment, I think. Take care, folks. Later.