May 5th, 2006



I'm pretty sure that's the right word. Regardless, I turn 25 today. Yikes.

Had dinner with my dad and my stepmom on Wednesday. My brother was supposed to be there, but at the last minute got good and stoned or drunk (couldn't tell which; my money is on stoned) and decided to change his plans. Not to sound like a prick, but I couldn't care less; a birthday dinner without my brother is generally preferable to one with him. He hasn't been as bad about it in recent years, but my brother has always had a tendency to throw a fit around my birthday, usually at the birthday dinner, just so he could be the center of attention. Thus, his absence is almost a present in of itself.

My brother quit his job at the beer distributor my family half-owns recently...[0] Apparently, even though during his house arrest he was constantly blowing off work and having the managers there cover for him with the state and everything, he decided he was deserving of a raise. So he quit when they laughed at him, and even though my dad knows he's made sure not to tell the rest of us. I don't know if my mom knows (if my grandmother knew, I'd have heard about it by now), but I'm just wondering how much longer he's going to keep up the charade. Obnoxious little chicken shit.

Going to go out to dinner with my mom and possibly my grandmother later today. I certainly don't mind this, although I'm a little annoyed at how much it's going to affect my plans for the rest of the day. It's a combination of two factors... One, the control freak attitude my mom's really been manifesting over the last couple of years where things happen or don't happen when she decides they should happen[1]. And two, my grandmother's utter lack of concern for other peoples' schedules. Basically, the plan is that we're eating at 5:30pm because it legitimately is too much to ask her to be ready to eat any earlier than that. And that's assuming she'll feel up to going out at all. Not that she's physically incapable of getting ready that early, she just doesn't want to bother.

However, this means I probably won't be able to make it into Morgantown before 7, which means I won't have much time to do much there before starting the game. I'd just much rather do the birthday dinner another time, but my mom insists on doing it on my birthday. Fact of the matter is, I really don't even want to make a big deal over it, even given that it's a milestone birthday.

Oh well... in other news, the college sent me an email today, letting me know that for a fee ($108) I can still work out at the fitness center during the summer if I'm not taking classes. Screw that. I'm tempted, but fact of the matter is I dunno if I'll go often enough for it to be worth it. But regardless, rather than sending out emails explaining this summer rate, they sent out emails containing an attachment-- a poster of sorts with a bunch of random clip art sports images and 76 words, obviously too many words for an email.

Hit the Book n Bean tonight and got a lot of work done towards finishing up one of my L5R fanfic series. I'm feeling really good about the work I got done on it.

Also, as it turns out, I am worth $1,965,704 on

[0]-- He still has his share of the business, he just doesn't work there anymore.
[1]-- My mom had a heart attack a couple of years ago and is still going through the whole 'I could die at any minute so I'll do whatever I want' phase. Also, since my grandfather passed away later that year, she's been overcompensating for the fact that she hasn't had a chance to be the family control freak.