May 18th, 2006


Me again

Couple of questions...

1) A while back, I picked up some really old dice, d10's mostly, that date back to the days when you had to fill in the numbers with a crayon. Is there any easy way to do that without having to wipe extra crayon gunk off of them?

2) Am I the only PalmOS user who isn't using a Treo? I'm looking for software good for net stuff, because I finally got around to replacing my busted Wi-Fi card. Problem is, all of it is specifically made for Treo-- mostly stuff involving ringtones.

Also, speaking of computer stuff... I don't always agree with Scott Kurtz. On his website, he was complaining about the whole "Lucas is finally going to release the theatrical version of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD" thing because of the obvious marketing scheme it is. Maybe it's just me, but it really seemed that the reason he was bitter was because he'd already given up on waiting for the theatrical version and blew his cash on the twice-edited versions. Me, however... I stuck to my guns and waited, so I think I'm gonna appreciate it a bit more than he is.

But that gets me off-topic. Anyhow... I don't always agree with Kurtz, but I think this is about right.

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More stuff about me will come later. Catch you guys then. Mahalo.