May 25th, 2006


Hm, what a weekend...

Man, where did Monday and Tuesday go?

The weekend wasn't as uneventful as expected. A couple of folks in town were having a housewarming party on Friday, so Sean and I went ahead and called game so folks (including us) wouldn't have to choose between game and the party.

On the way there, though, Sean and I hit a bit of a snag. For some reason,[0] Morgantown's missing a bunch of street signs. So as a result, we missed the turn. We drove around town for a bit, trying to find the right way, and at one point I stopped and pulled into a driveway to check the directions and turn around and get my bearings. I was pulling down the driveway and attempted to turn around. There was a spot next to the driveway with no dirt, and I figured it was an extra parking space like people in wooded areas tend to have.[1]

I pulled into the space, and tried to turn back around. But the ground was too soft and my tires desperately need replacing, so I couldn't get any leverage to pull back out into the driveway proper. The lady in the house was yelling at me to get out of her yard, and I told her I was trying to. But the mud just wouldn't let me, and I didn't want to make her yard any crappier than I had to (although in the shape it was, I correctly doubted that she'd be that worried about it). Now, ahead of me was a short downward-sloping hill, and I could see a road at the bottom of it. There was enough space between the trees that I could easily make it, so I tried to pull down the hill onto the road. Plain and simple.

I hadn't accounted for the possibility that there was a drainage ditch at the bottom of the hill next to the road. In a nutshell, the car wound up stuck on the hill, resting on its bumper. A tow truck was called, and by the time some cops showed up about the car and asked some questions, and the truck got there, the woman calmed down considerably. She was pretty understanding about the whole thing. It was just embarassing as hell, and by the time we got to the party almost everyone was already falling down drunk.

Greg's game was called on Saturday on account of the MountainLair being unavailable because of high school graduation. Sean and I went out to Butler for an L5R tourney (the pre-release for the new expansion), just to find out that it was called off. The organizer only found out a few minutes before we got there that the distributor hadn't gotten them the boxes of cards and nobody besides Sean and myself had brought decks just in case. So they're gonna do the tourney later, but to make it up to everyone it'll be a huge discount on the entry fee and for any boosters from the new set purchased after the tournament.[2]

So we hung out at the mall for a bit, and drove home, stopping by a gaming store in Pittsburgh. Fortunately, we found a copy of Second Sight there, as Sean still needed to get a copy of his own (apparently I picked up the last copy in Morgantown on my recent birthday, and the store in Butler had already sold out), so the trip wasn't a total waste.

Some random stuff before I go on...

Did Old Spice just give up on their 'Sensitive Skin' aftershave altogether? I like Old Spice, but I really can't stand the regular stuff.

I've got one of those cable boxes with the digital cable guide, and for some reason the channel guide never seems to have the correct Adult Swim listings. While there are worse fates than turning on Boondocks instead of the Harvey Birdman episode I was expecting, it drives me nuts to, say, turn on Oblongs to find out that it's actually Robot Chicken. But then, I hate Robot Chicken with a fiery passion. And Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Also, does anybody have any clue as to why the FBI is still going to all this trouble to find Jimmy Hoffa? Is it really worth the resources to satisfy the anal-retention involved in still giving a crap?

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And that's it for the moment. No LARP write-up, but a tabletop write-up, which is infinitely better.


[0]-- And by 'some reason,' I'm referring to the crop of drunken obnoxious college students that WVU goes out of its way to attract, as it's easier to get more students to pay tuition to fix certain things than it is to try and get the students to cut it the fuck out.
[1]-- As it turns out, it wasn't a parking space. The city had just dug up part of the yard to fix something and the grass hadn't regrown yet.
[2]-- The distributor's giving the cards to the store at a major discount to make up for it, and they're passing the savings on to us.
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Something I forgot

Gah, I forgot... there was a quote from the Mage game I meant to throw into that last post... in the game, whenever our characters use High Speech as part of a spellcasting effort, we usually describe specifically how. Well, while Erakös was trying to find the Revenant...

"I will speak the Atlantean word for 'find-the-effing-zombie!'"

And now, some quizzes...

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*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

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Something of a general update

Folks keep asking me, so I'll save us all some time and trouble...

I still have yet to hear from Alderac about whether or not I've moved on to Phase 3 of that writing job. I'm at the point where I'm about ready to start annoying them with emails asking for updates on the process, given that I should have heard something back one way or the other a couple of weeks ago. As much as I'd like to work for the company, I'd also like to get on with my life if I'm not gonna make it.
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*eyes wide*

I made it to Phase 3. I just heard from Alderac.

You know that scene from Animal House where the horse just got 'shot,' and Bluto just keeps going 'Holy Shit' every couple of lines?

I'm sorta doing that right now.

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