June 9th, 2006


Update on damage

I hardly got any writing done at the Book n Bean... for some reason, I just couldn't get into the mindset to punch out anything genuinely recreative. Which sucks. But that happens. Anyhow...

The case I kept my RPG books in was knocked open in the crash. The place that towed the car wasn't very good about covering it up (as in, they didn't) and thus some of the books thrown into the backseat were screwed up by moisture. My Mage: the Awakening book is still a little moist with pages sticking together (prognosis: not good but potentially salvageable), and my Vampire: the Requiem book's about to fall apart altogethre. My WoD core book is a little warped, but should be serviceable. And except for the cover being a little beat up, my Forsaken book is gonna be just fine (which is the one I was worried about the most, given that I had Ron Spencer sign it last year at Origins).

On the front of those L5R cards that were thrown... 57 of the 80 cards in the deck are just fine (including my Wind and Stronghold). That's including three that are a little warped but should be fine with some fresh sleeves (which I'm gonna replace anyways) and some time in the middle of a heavy book. 22 cards (and my Sensei) were utterly ruined by a night in the rain, with only 1 card unaccounted for altogether. Not bad.

And now, the worst of it...

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And... there we go.
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