June 13th, 2006



Sigh... still waiting on the call from Alderac for Phase 3. Waiting for the insurance adjuster to look at my car and let me know how much they're going to screw me in terms of funds for a replacement. Having trouble successfully waiting for AC this weekend... I'm trying not to go nuts over it.

However, in the meantime, until things get more interesting I feel like sharing this over at the AV Club.

And now...

A meme, ganked from gwydion78 who in turn ganked it from __neongenesis.

Take a look at your LJ friends list, then list things you want to say to ten different LJ friends.
DO NOT state who any of these people are.
DO NOT confirm or deny any "comment speculation"

1. I feel like you used me just to kill time because you've hardly talked to me online since I became obsolete.

2. I had something of a crush on you for a while. Maybe it's your online manner, maybe it's your picture. I dunno. I got over it, but I still look back on it and smirk. In a good way I assure you.

3. I've always respected you, but I'd be lying if I said you've never overestimated your cleverness. I know someone who went out of their way to bitch you out online and got several emails of praise over it.

4. I hate to say it, but the reason I put you on my Friends List is because you put me on yours back in the day when out of habit I'd Friend anyone who Friended me. At times I wonder why you're still there. See addendum below, but this one is akktri.

5. I'm genuinely flattered that after all this time, you still think to keep an eye on me even though I was never that visible back in the day.

6. I completely geeked out on you once at a con before I got to know you through here, and I'm paranoid as hell about whether I'll ever be able to live it down.

7. I really think you're a lot more petty than you realize you are. Worst of all, at times you're outright proud of it. And yet, you're simply unaware of just how you sound at times.

8. Just because life conspires to keep us from spending time together doesn't mean I'm gonna give up on taking advantage of those rare opportunities.

9. Just because I'm too nice of a guy to ever call them in doesn't mean I've forgotten how many little favors I've floated ya over the years. Just mentioning it while it's on my mind.

10. I've known you about as long as I've known anybody. You'll always be important to me. Always.

Addendum, added a few years later: Long story short, I've come to realize over the years that this was kind of a petty meme and so I'd just like to say that if anyone stumbles onto it -- maybe just doing an archive binge of my past posts or whatever -- and wants to know if they're on the list. Just ask. Although I'll only tell you which number you are if you specifically want to know (as opposed to just being content with confirmation or denial that you're on the list). That said, one of those people is someone whom I've since taken off my friends list and is banned from commenting on my journal. So I've just posted that one.
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Book n Bean

Just to clarify...

(Up at the Book n Bean, checking email)

Just to clarify, regarding the last post... each of those is a different person. No repeats on my list.

And the only confirmation you will get from me on any of those is that at least one of them is one of the old-school forumites.

And now that I'm done kicking the hornet's nest... back to dinner.
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Getting ready to AC this week. Getting an idea of my bank balance so I know how much I can spend and still manage to deal with the car issue later this month in addition to Origins.

Also, I'm going to have to rent a car... I just got an idea of how much that should cost, so I should be fine. I would just reserve one online, but as it turns out you need a major credit card to do that. Some local offices let you get away with a debit card, but that doesn't extend to online reservations. I'm pretty sure I've rented a car locally without a major credit card of my own, but I can't recall if that was just the office allowing me to get by without it or my grandfather paying for it. Worst-case scenario, I'll have a family member handle that end of it for me, as I know a couple of them wouldn't have a problem with letting me use their card for that purpose.

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That's about it for the moment. Later, all. Many of you probably won't catch me online tomorrow night, as I'll be getting to bed early for AC.