June 16th, 2006


Still alive

Made it to AC alright. Stopped at Best Buy on the way out of town and got a new phone, making some calls once we got to the hotel and got my service switched over. So if any of you need to get ahold of me, then good news-- you can. Although I have to rebuild my phone book on there from scratch. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, since most of the numbers I kept in my phone came from contact entries on my PDA, but it's still a pain in the neck.

If anyone who reads this happens to be at AC (not likely, but you never know), I'm in room 1222 at the Westin along with zen_migawa, cama_zotz, and a third roommate who's a friend of Sean's but whose Livejournal ID I don't know.

And now, to seek out food.
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Oh, also...

Online contact with me is going to be understandably limited. As the con isn't allowed to provide free wireless internet when the hotel can just make customers pay for it, any time I'll be updating it'll probably be from the terminals in the internet room at the con. Just letting folks know. Theoretically I could get a day of free wireless connection up in the hotel room, but I'd rather not blow all that at the beginning if I can help it.