July 20th, 2006


It's too gorram hot out

But I think we all know that. Even now (12:30am), though, it's 75 degrees Fahrenheit (about 24 Celsius) with 79% humidity.

Hit the Book n Bean tonight, got a bit of writing done and made a note that I still need to HTML-ize and post a couple of my L5R fics.

Has anyone else ever gotten a game and took forever to get around to playing it? I only recently got around to playing and beating Sam & Max Hit the Road recently, thanks to this little gem. I played it a bit back when I got it, but because I was never able to play the game as originally intended (on an ancient DOS machine-- the game did come out in 1993, after all). Man, that's a damn good game.

I got an estimate on my car repairs today and I'm going to go out and get a couple more tomorrow. Also, tomorrow, I've got the Mage game and before I go to that I'm going to spend some time hanging out with an old friend who's moving back to town for a while. However it goes, I'm gonna be busy, that's for sure.

I think that's about it, update-wise. Later.
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