August 31st, 2006


Hey there

Not much going on here. I had an idea for an L5R fic earlier this week, something for my little "Tales of Journey's End" series of Ryoko Owari-related one-shots. And I openly admit, it was going to be sort of an homage to Rashōmon/In the Grove (which I'm sure has probably been done a dozen times before), but I'm having difficulty thinking of ways to handle certain scenes (especially the beginning) in a way that makes it a tribute to the original stories without just retelling them with clan names added on. I'll figure it out; it's just something I'm doing as mental exercise more than anything else.

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As a side-note, while typing this I saw a trailer for "School for Scoundrels." Apparently Jon Heder has been selected as the new Adam Sandler. I mean, I can understand Billy Bob Thorton being in the movie; he's gotta make sure the Hollywood niche he carved for himself in 'Bad Santa' doesn't heal up like the pop culture piercing it is. But I didn't think that Jon Heder was new enough to the industry to not realize that he's just been dragged into a shitty remake of "Anger Management" minus the charm.

Another thing I have to add to my list of reasons why Napoleon Dynamite makes me physically ill.

Edit: Fixed a mix-up on a name in the gaming write-up, and added a link to a recent IC post on shbeforethedawn.