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Thursday, September 7th, 2006

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Hm, a couple of things...

I'm actually working on an entry for White Wolf's Bloodlines: The Chosen contest. Although in all honesty, after the novel contest the only reason I'm going to the effort at all was because I already have most of a write-up of my own take on the Mnemosyne on my computer anyways. I need to flesh it out a bit more, but since I've put the work into it already I may as well send it in.

I might have to get a new keyboard for my Palm. The old one's been spazzing out on me lately. A chunk of the typing area has been alternating between not responding when pressed at all, or cranking out multiple letters per button press.

My sinuses have been kicking my ass this week. I've had some real sore throat problems since the weekend, although thanks to the miracle of Claritin-D I'm returning to a point where I can sort of function.

And now...

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In unrelated news, I would pay good money to see Squidbillies and Tom Goes to the Mayor cease to exist.

Current Mood: sore

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