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Thursday, September 28th, 2006

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Yeah, finally doing this
I've just had kind of a dead week...

Man, I wish I could be in Belgium right now...

Does anybody else remember a time when "Director's Cut" meant something? Back when you felt like you were seeing the movie the way it was supposed to be, and not just a whole bunch of crap cut from the theatrical release so that people who saw it in theaters will have an excuse to buy the DVD? Especially with the movies that have nothing going for them but dick and fart jokes and just use the DVD release to throw in some random tits, and make it sound like it's all subversive and borderline-porn by calling it 'The Unrated Edition.'

A thought has just occurred to me... are we going to have to change the expression "chewing the scenery," given how often movies are just using green-screen effects to handle backgrounds rather than actually constructing sets? Something worth thinking about, I think.

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In the short eternity it took me to write this, as a side-note, I finally got my confirmation email for the Bloodlines contest. Had me worried, there...

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