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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

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I got a bit of writing done tonight. Getting closer to finishing off 'Beneath the Canopy,' finally. One of these days I plan on writing an L5R story series that will end during the same story arc in which it was first introduced.

I've hit a bit of a snag... the story's in the middle of something of an epilogue, where the three main characters sit down and reflect on what they've just gone through. And it's gone in something of an unintended side-trip wandering towards Angst-ville. Just sort of a "where do we go from here/has anything we've done really mattered" kind of discussion. I never really meant to go down that road, but it's headed there and despite my momentary block on how to conclude it I still think it belongs there. The emotional substance of the issue they're discussing is just kind of 'floating' there, and I'm working at coming up with some way to give it an 'updraft' so I can wrap things up, and it's just not coming to me. I'm sure something will come to me, but I'm just kind of throwing this out there and see who bounces it back to me with a suggestion or something.

And yes, I know this post probably made less sense than anything else I've written on here lately. Deal.

Current Mood: confused

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