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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

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Curse you, Aqua-Scum!
Accursed television is tempting me back to actually watching it now... I wound up catching Heroes for the first time tonight (first on Sci-Fi channel, and then the next/new episode a little later on NBC), and it has grabbed me.

Also, I think I've finally gotten Beneath the Canopy finished. I just need to give the final chapter a good once-over with a spell checker and the like and HTML-ize it. I'm going ahead and getting a start on the second Tales of Journey's End story as well, now that I have a better idea in my head on where it's going.

Although one thing that bugs me juuuuust a bit... there's a series of stories I put together a bunch of notes and some short writing (the text equivalent of an artist's 'warm-up' sketches). While the inspiration came from another source, one thing that concerns me is, if I ever make the series available, how folks will react to the fact that one of my characters (who in turn is taken from a much older story idea of mine going back a couple of years) bears a strong resemblance to what we've seen of Sylar on Heroes. Figures.

As a couple of you know, this happens to me more often than I'm comfortable with.

Current Mood: artistic

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